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Minecraft Purpled Age, Bio, Real Name, Face, Height, Net Worth

Minecraft Purpled Age, Bio, Real Name, Face, Height, Net Worth

Nowadays in the world, new-new YouTubers are emerging who are in trend. Purpled is the new YouTuber who is popular being member of Dream SMP. Who is Purpled? He is the most renowned YouTube on the internet lately. Still, he is growing day by day and becoming more successful. Minecraft is popular game on streaming and he plays that and streams it too. He has been working hard for many years for his career and ended up getting the name and fame he was looking for. In post, discover Dream SMP age, wiki, height, real name, net worth and family.

Who is Purpled?

Purpled took birth in the United States of America. He is one of the most popular people in his family. In 2020, he has been 17 years old, who is a famous Youtuber. He has been an eye-catching personality on the internet hence he is being searched by millions of people. There are thousands of subscribers on his YouTube channel. Also, he is a star on twitch platform.

Purpled Wiki

Name: Purpled
Age: 17 years old (2020)
Date of Birth: Oct 24, 2003
Birthplace: United States
Gender: Male
Status: Single
Nationality: American
Occupation: Youtuber
Net Worth: In Millions

Purpled Career

Purpled started his career through Youtube by playing the games. He was interested in making videos, it was his internal talent. Hot started being recognized for playing the Minecraft. Now he is a member of the popular Dream SMP team. He obviously dreamt to be one of them. He was completely motivated for his career and very with the college struggle he has got that position of one of the top YouTubers on the internet.

The other members of the Dream SMP are Ponk, Punz, Ranboo, Philza, etc.

Purpled Height

There is no figures known of Purpled height and weight.

Purpled has not disclosed about his family members and loving partner so far, but at a young age, he has been the crush of many female fans. It seems to have good amount of money as per his profession, which he earns through YouTube.

Purpled Net Worth

Purpled is a new gamer and streamer so his current net worth and assets are not huge. But with his gameplay and growing fans he will be soon become top streamer on Twitch with huge followers and fans. As of now, Purpled’s net worth is under $100K. He makes the money from game streams and video ads on account.


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