Home News Mónica Dossetti’s brother allegedly tried to strangle her in circulated video

Mónica Dossetti’s brother allegedly tried to strangle her in circulated video


An investigation is underway after a video circulated wherein retired telenovela actorMónica Dossetti’s brother seems to function to strangle her.

The video, which we in truth truly really feel is simply too subtle to stage out without caution, could be thought of right kind proper right here.

The 56-year-old actor seems to be sitting in her wheelchair when a person, named via Milenio as her brother, José Dossetti, seems to position one issue round her neck.

Mónica Dossetti allegedly attacked

The video used to be allegedly recovered from video surveillance cameras in the home. José Dossetti lives in Tepoztlán, a city right through the central Mexican state of Morelos. 

A press release via the legal professional number one of the State of Morelos mentioned an investigation started on Monday, July 11 after the video of the alleged incident circulated online.

The statement learn: “This Monday evening time, prison skilled elementary Uriel Carmona Gándara performed the investigations at a area located within the Huilotepec neighbourhood, belonging to the municipality of Tepoztlán, where they met with direct relations of the affected lady to agree to up at the footage spread on social networks about an alleged attack devoted against her via her brother, known as José ‘N’.

“Within the position, Mónica ‘N’, her mother and a sister, along with the brother observed within the published video, have been interviewed, who granted the products and services for the access of the government of the status quo to accomplish the interviews and acts of the corresponding investigation.

“With the result of the investigations and professional reviews amassed, it’s going to be vital to resolve whether or not the judicialization of the investigation folder initiated from the data of the info thru virtual dissemination is performed.”

Who’s Mónica Dossetti?

Mónica Dossetti is a Mexican telenovela actor who made her main debut in 1994 having amusing with socialite Karla Greta Reyes Retana y de las Altas Torres in Volver A Empezar. She’d only had one minor perform faster than that during her two-year career.

The now 56-year-old went directly to play the principle antagonist in Serafín, faster than reprising the perform of Karla in El Premio Mayor and Salud, Dinero Y Amor. In whole, she has participated in a minimum of 28 roles, as in line with IMDB.

In 2015, when she used to be 49 years out of date, Mónica used to be stated with numerous sclerosis, a illness of the ideas and spinal twine, which led her to retire from appearing, Data Bae studies. Mónica’s last stand-alone perform used to be in 2013 in TV film Looking out.

Her brother, José, can be right through the trade – he works as a director. We ought to worry no costs had been introduced in route of José Dossetti. The investigation is ongoing.


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