Death makes life fragile. It creates a scenario that makes you feel you should enjoy life to the fullest without worrying about what is next. The world has progressed so far but as far as death is concerned we are still stuck in that pre-medieval period. It is so because when human has tried to improve upon their life, they have never thought to improve their death.

Accidents happen and they take away the fittest person you have ever seen and the fittest person even the life would find hard to leave. Even sports people are perishing to this unwanted phenomenon of life, unfortunately. It is not only taking their life but also the money and fame they were expecting after a long hard work in their career.

It gets harder when only we find such news but then these are news and can never be skipped and media outlets are needed to publish it without any doubt. You will find one or another death due to an accident and you may stumble upon that celebrity death for sure, that is how it goes.

Former Volleyball and Basketball player dies of car accident

Here we are talking about the recent death by accident of a celebrated sportsperson and a legend. She was former volleyball and basketball player. She is none other than Monica Wignot. She had played volleyball for four seasons and became one of the all time top shot blocker in the history of volleyball. She died of the car accident this Friday in Antis Township, near Altoona, in Blair County.

She had got many honors for her celebrated sporting career. Her teams, fans and other sportsperson are mourning about her untimely death. Her friends and family are in shock and they have taken a time out, that is why the media is respecting their privacy in this doomed hour, unfortunately.


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