Muhammad Murtala Chukwemeka, the person who printed the primary translation of the Quran into the Igbo language has printed what number of years it took him to finish the translation of the Islamic e e e-book from Arabic to the Igbo language


In step with BBC, Muhammad Murtala Chkwemeka remodeled to Islam in 1989 and later studied to change into an Islamic cleric. And having now succeeded in publishing the primary translation of the Quran into the Igbo, and all the way through the launching of the e e e-book at the Ansar-Ud-Deen Mosque in Abuja, Muhammad Murtala Chukwemeka printed that it took him five years to finish the translation and that he has revealed an entire lot of copies to spread the “message of Allah” to his Igbo brothers and sisters.

The Igbo language is most commonly spoken all the way through the south-eastern a part of Nigeria, and maximum of them are christians, while the northern occupants of the country are essentially Muslim.

However, the Yuroba and Hausa diversifications of the e e e-book had already been printed, and having remodeled to Islam a variety of years yet again, Muhammad Murtala Chukwemeka has now spent five years changing the Quran into Igbo to spread the message of Allah to his folks.f4f63ae64f19425e879efeae48782ae1

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Nigerian Guy who Translated Quran Into Igbo Finds How Many Years He Spent In Translating The E-book.For Extra Article Discuss with GossipCrux


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