Ousmane Dembele is a famous French professional football player. He started his career as a football player in the year 2015. But before that, he started his debut as a football player in the year 2014 under association with French Club Renne’s II. He has changed 2 clubs till now. His first football club is Rennes after a hat trick of winning matches till 2016 he got changed into a second club named Borussia Dortmund, where he played only 1 year under that club but signed a 5-year contract. Then his contract was exchanged with Barcelona club, right now he plays under Barcelona football club.

Ousmane Dembele Career

He started his international football career in the year 2017, for his constant dedication towards the football game he got a chance to play with a senior France squad against Italy and Belarus clubs. In these 2 matches, he reached his spirit as a great football player because where 2 of his teammates got hurt during the match Ousmane took the lead and won the match. For this match, he was called again for the 2018 FIFA world cup match which was held in Russia with a 23-man squad.

Ousmane Dembele Wedding

Ousmane uses a winger style of play which is a unique play where other players cannot guess what he is going to do. But before itself, the plan was executed by him with his team. He was a highly skilled player, his elaborate moves and dribbling skills made all the viewers amazed with shock. Till now, he won every match he played.

The latest viral news is that today 24th December 2021 Ousmane Dembele got married which was a sudden marriage says his fans. Also, he never revealed his marriage.

Ousmane Dembele Marriage Pictures

Ousmane shared his wedding ceremony pictures on the Twitter platform. Now those photos went viral over social media and created an internet sensation because no one expected this sudden marriage and according to some sources he got married to a Moroccan girl because till now he didn’t reveal his wife’s name.

The pictures uploaded by him explain that he only invited a few members to his marriage because he did marriage under Muslim rituals as everyone knows that Ousmane was Muslim.

Ousmane Dembele Net Worth

The Ousmane Dembele net worth is huge because he is a professional football player who is signed to the club. He is playing for the club.

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