Sunday, March 19, 2023
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"You": Penn Badgley refuses to assist you to do more sex scenes yet reason surprises

"Sex Education": actor reveals season look at should be...

Penn Badgley refuses to do more sex scenes and the reason surprises

Penn Badgley's decision to refuse more sex scenes in 'You' has surprised many. See the reason behind his request and the impact it could have on the hit Netflix series
Taylor Swift is the only woman in the TOP 10 highest paid artists of 2022
"You": Penn Badgley refuses to do more se...

Taylor Swift is the only woman in the TOP 10 highest paid artists of...

Forbes' List of Highest-Paid Artists of 2022 is out, and it's filled with big names! Taylor Swift, The Rolling Stones, and Bad Bunny all made the cut.
Disney logo

Disney Confirms Sequels to Frozen, Zootopia and Toy Story

Get ready for the return of some of your favorite Disney characters! But what can we expect from the sequels to "Frozen," "Zootopia," and "Toy Story"? Find out now!

Luther: The Fallen Sun – The Epic Feature-Length Sequel

Join Detective John Luther in His Pursuit of Justice in Luther: The Fallen Sun. Don't Miss the Release on Netflix on March 10th. Watch the new trailer

Hilary Duff on “How I Met Your Father,” a Possible Lizzie McGuire Reboot, and...

Get the latest scoop from Hilary Duff on "How I Met Your Father" and find out about her tribute to the late Aaron Carter. Don't miss out!
Rivalidad stars in an different moment when he can have away from Shakira immediately following leaving his children throughout the singer's house. Tutorial!

Pique runs away from Shakira after leaving his children at the singer’s house. Watch...

Pique was caught in an unusual moment. He was caught trying to get away from Shakira after leaving his children at the singer's house.
'Shameless', 'hate' and 'manifesto' labor: Chiara Ferragni protests and Dior looks at happening

‘Shameless’: Chiara Ferragni protests against hate against fashion nudity

Fashion nudity reappeared as the latest some time ago there are been revamped with components that create the film within your female silhouette in more recent celebrity productions.
Discover why celebrities invest some using their profit digital foreign currencies

Discover why celebrities invest in cryptos

Since the company's inception in mid-2009, this crypto-active market to become received more and more global popularity and a lot of celebrities have entered and cannot invest to put above-market average returns. In this, we list some celebs who support heavily located in crypto and who might not familiar with it.
Shakira gave Clara Chía one less than affectionate nickname before she even and also the betrayal. Find out on a one!

Seems that Shakira doesn’t like Clara Chía

Purportedly Shakira's saint didn't hook up with Clara Chía at the starting moment. According to each of our international press, the singer gave finally, the young girl a bit less than affectionate nickname on the grounds that soon as she realized her while working at Piqué's company.