Home News Results for ‘What the f is wrong with you’ quizzes are past savage

Results for ‘What the f is wrong with you’ quizzes are past savage


Character quizzes titled What The F Is Flawed With You’re going viral and the results aren’t afraid to inform avid players how it’s.

The web loves a very good pattern, and this week, it’s the What The F Is Flawed With You? quizzes.

Previous this 12 months, assessments to “calculate” the possibilities of finding one’s dream better half circulated the web, titled Feminine Fable Calculator – a snub signifying that ladies’s prerequisites are too excessive – while the male model is known as Male Truth Calculator.

The What The F Is Flawed With You? quizzes are only for banter, however the results can get a little bit brutal. Many on social media claim feeling in my opinion attacked by means of the results.

HITC reminds readers the assessments are simply a comic story, as a result of this truth choices shouldn’t be taken significantly.

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The way to take the What The F Is Flawed With You quiz

There are at least 3 persona assessments with related titles that have long gone viral, even though they all had been created on UQuiz.

One created by means of a consumer named deerkings is known as “what the f*** is incorrect with you” that includes the convincing tagline: “I’m a professional please concentrate to me.”

The second one take a look at takes it one step additional with “what the real f*** is incorrect with you” with the participating slogan of “let me permit you to out by means of calling you out”.

Without equal model beats the sooner two with higher case: “Let me let you know WHAT the real f*** is incorrect with you” the author titled it. They crowned it off with a contented tagline: “Let’s rock this b****”.

The results aren’t merciful in the slightest degree

The primary quiz by means of deerkings will categorise avid players in four methods: crippling loneliness, spending all of your adolescence online, its the mentol sickness luv xx, and proficient infant burnout.

I got “mentol sickness luv xx” and the outline is further of a praise than an insult It reads: “You’re both unmedicated or your meds aren’t running because of your state of affairs. Your style style is f****** impeccable and also you name your self horny continuously, regardless of no longer truly believing it. Every now and then you simply gotta inform your self “it’ll be adequate, you dramatic b****”.

Thank you for the pep speak about.

Quiz two has seven absolutely utterly other choices:

  1. Your quirky
  2. Nobody has ever loved you
  3. Sufferer awesome
  4. Buzzkill
  5. You’re a suck up and a people pleaser
  6. You’re too sexy
  7. You think your an edgelord, don’t you

My outcome was once “sufferer advanced” and bluntly passed me some recommendation: “get your head from your a** and forestall crying the entire rattling time.”

Newest quiz is composed of ‘you’re not unusual’ answer

Without equal model has most likely essentially the most results, with 30% of other people reportedly getting “you’re standard”:

  1. You’re not unusual
  2. Talented burn out
  3. Backside
  4. Background persona #17
  5. FAF (funny or fit as f***)
  6. TMS (an excessive amount of swag)
  7. Dumb a** b****
  8. Pop Rocks are up your a**
  9. Too such a lot freedom
  10. Irritating as hell
  11. You’re a stick within the dust
  12. Compulsive Liar
  13. Sasuke wannabe
  14. You want the most important hug ever
  15. Ur a weirdo

Simply once I thought getting “you’re standard” was once a optimistic answer, I used to be accused of being faux: “There may be not anything incorrect with you however you wish to have it to be. You almost certainly faux struggles and fortify no matter is trending.” The answer then is going on to mention: “You act truly faux and need to be the principle persona. You power your self onto others (no longer actually) and are overbearing. Gtfo.”

If you wish to be humbled, in fact one in all those quizzes must do the trick.


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