After the sudden news emerging about the demise of Rob Skiba, his fans and family are in great trauma. Rob Skiba was a great editor and writer. He was a best-selling author and was well-known for his theories stating UFOs and aliens. He wrote many books on theories. The death of Rob Skiba shocked everyone

Rob Skiba Age

The celebrity passed at the young age of 52. As per the sources, he passed away on 13th October 2021. But it was officially announced on Social media today. People have taken over the news all over the internet. It cannot be digested as easily as Rob Skiba was healthy and active in the past few days.

Rob Skiba’s cause of death is still unknown. The family has requested some privacy on the matter and is currently concern about the funeral. Some sources have reported that he was admitted to the hospital was treated in the Intensive care unit (ICU) as he was suffering from coronary pneumonia.

Rob Skiba Wife name

The report states that Rob Skiba’s wife, Sheila Skiba, took him to the hospital in a state of pain. She possibly hurried him after he started feeling uncomfortable. He was in an unconscious state after he was brought to the hospital. The sad part is Sheila Skiba couldn’t see Rob Skiba or share the last moments with him. Rob Skiba was reported decreased during the treatment and didn’t gain consciousness after been admitted.

Rob Skiba Death Cause

People around social media are sharing their condolences with friends and family. We have lost a great person, and we pray his soul rest in peace. A man with multiple talents, Rob Skiba, was an editor, an author, a public speaker, a documentary film-marker. The part that hustles many of us is, he was a hard-working man who deserved a long life. The famous science fiction series SEED was the creation of Rob Skiba.

Even though there is no information on the exact cause of death, people are waiting to know about his funeral details. People have taken up social media, but at the same time are giving privacy to the family people. The family people may announce the details of visitation and funeral soon to the public.

The Rob Skiba’s net worth is under cover. We don’t have sufficient details on his assests, income and worth. He was the known writer and persoanlity in Canada and world.


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