Flirting! Does it have a limit of extending gratitude or it’s just an empty gesture? Kanye has recently approached the headlines after speaking up on Drink Champs. It was clear that Kanye bootlegs porn or adult content released on OnlyFans from other social media platforms such as Reddit. It’s been a comment on spooking level as he is a multi-billionaire and still fetching up free media.

Kanye, on an interview on Drink Champs earlier this weekend gave up open confession that he bootlegs OnlyFans content from Reddit whenever he wants to. He then later passes on comments to the concerned person in the media to either message or he drops in their DM to continue their talking.

The incident was reversed back commented by Rubi Rose, a Rapper and OnlyFans star. Rubi wanted to exclusively poke Kanye, so in case he didn’t subscribe or followed her content on OnlyFans (in-case he bootlegged her content on Reddit) she shared a video of her shaking her booty in a school girl costume. This video was along a caption stating her OnlyFans account handle.

It’s a moment of spice and hot moments as Kanye is already dating a 22 year old model named Vinetria. People spotted the couple at Donda Academy watching the team’s first basketball match. But currently, as Rubi has recently ditched DDG there is a possible chance of Kanye sliding his messages in her DM. Even though he is in a relation (as far concerned), there is no official announcement on it yet. But with the heated moment and Rubi commenting on Kanye’s gesture in the interview, looks like she is throwing some positive signals towards him. Follow us to stay updated on more exclusive news.

Kanye West has been caught red-handed bootlegging OnlyFans content. He then passes comments on social media, or sends direct messages in order for people who are interested with what was being said at an interview they had earlier this weekend discuss it further with each othern just like any normal person would do.

This isn’t anything new considering that celebrities often post their own fan videos onto YouTube in addition to taking inspiration tags/copyrights etc. However until recently these were only available through either leaked streams.

This is the hot discussion topic on social media. Fans from both sides are discussing this matter. Rubi Rose is the onlyf star who all pictures have been shared and viral on web.


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