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In line with NHS, When introducing your kid to strong foods, it’s necessary to take additional care not to put them at risk.

Key foods protection and hygiene recommendation:

1. at all times wash your fingers quicker than getting able foods and give protection to surfaces transparent

2. cool sizzling foods and read about it quicker than giving it for your kid

3. wash and peel fruit and uncooked vegetables

4. keep away from laborious foods like overall nuts, or uncooked carrot or apple

5. remove laborious pips and stones from culmination, and bones from meat or fish

6. lower small, round foods, like grapes and cherry tomatoes, into small gadgets

7. eggs produced underneath the British Lion Code of Observe (stamped with the purple lion) are thought of very low danger for salmonella and protected for babies to consume in part cooked.

All the time take care of at the side of your kid once they’re eating in case they begin to choke.

Choking is totally utterly other from gagging. Your kid would most likely gag while you introduce strong foods.

That is as a result of they’re learning learn to take care of strong foods and keep watch over the volume of foods they’ll care for to bite and swallow at one time.

In case your kid is gagging, their eyes would most likely water, they could push their tongue ahead (or out in their mouth) and so that they are going to retch to hold the foods ahead in their mouth or vomit.

Apparatus guidelines

1. Top chair. Your kid need to be sitting safely in an upright position (to allow them to swallow as it should be). All the time use a securely fitted protection harness in a excessive chair. By no means leave babies unattended on raised surfaces.

2. Plastic or pelican bibs. It’s going to be messy to start with!

3. Comfortable weaning spoons are gentler on your kid’s gums.

4. Small plastic bowl. You can most likely discover it helpful to get a decided on weaning bowl with a suction base to stay the bowl in position.

5. First cup. Introduce a cup from round 6 months and provide sips of water with foods. The usage of an open cup or a free-flow cup without a valve will lend a hand your kid study to sip and is largest for their teeth.

6. A messy mat or newspaper sheets underneath the intense chair to catch lots of the mess.

7. Plastic boxes and ice dice trays may be able to be useful for batch cooking and freezing small elements.

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