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Saruei is a famous Vtuber personality who appears in the streams and live on Twitch. Her face reveals and identity is a big mystery but the latest information about her is that she is joining the Fansly platform. On the platform, Saruei connects with fans and may also reveal her real name and face to the fans. She has over 160k followers on Instagram. Saruei is also a Youtuber personality who posts content on gaming and anime clips. Read this article carefully to know more facts about the woman behind “Sarui face.”

Who is Saruei?

Saruei joined Twitch in 2020. She initially started streaming on the platform as a hobby, but eventually gained a lot of viewers and followers. Saruei’s streams focus on gaming and vlogging. She is known for playing some of the most popular games like League of Legends and Overwatch.

Her vlogs are often filled with stories about her life and the struggles she has faced. Saruei’s fans have been curious to learn more about her, however, she has always managed to keep her identity a secret.

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How old is Saruey?

Saruey has between 21 and 26 years old.

Saruei’s Real name

Saruei real name is Rael.

Saruei Profile

Name: Saruei
Birth Date: April 18th
Place of Birth: Not exactly confirmed
Age: 21 to 26 years
Nationality: NA
Is she single?: Yes
Net worth: $110-$210K
Profession: Vtuber and Youtuber

Saruei Real Face

Saruei is a vtuber personality and she had not yet revealed her identity and face to the fans. We hope that she will soon announce her real-life name. She is from French native. Saruei has a big fan following on the Twitch platform and Instagram. She is an expert art streamer and graphics content creator.

Saruei Face Reveal

She has never revealed her face or real name to her fans. Despite this, her fans have still been able to connect with her on a more personal level. Saruei has connected with her fans by sharing her artwork, which is often symbolic and mysterious. Recently, Saruei has teased her fans with a potential face reveal.

She has been hinting at a face reveal by posting pictures and videos of her face with a black bar across the eyes. A few weeks ago, she posted a video with the caption “My Face Reveal” and her fans have been eagerly waiting to see her face. It is still unclear when she will officially reveal her face, but her fans are hopeful that it could be soon.

Saruei Career

For many years, Saruei has been a presence on the internet – first launching her Twitch channel a few years prior. She primarily did art streams, showcasing her talent as an illustrator by drawing anime and video game characters.

After streaming consistently, she found success on the platform and decided to make a shift, becoming a virtual streamer. Her Vtuber debut took place on August 7th, 2021, revealing her plans to transition to Vtubing via Twitter.

She was already popular, having 125k followers on Twitch at the time of her re-debut, and capitalized on the growing number of Vtubers appearing on the platform. By the end of 2021, she had grown her channel to over 250k followers.

Saruei Social Media

Saruei Fansly

On February 12th, the popular vtuber star Saruei made her highly-anticipated debut on the Fansly platform, a subscription-based social media platform for content creators and influencers. The news was met with great enthusiasm by her fans and the platform experienced an immediate surge in popularity.

Saruei utilizes Fansly to share exclusive content with her fans and followers in exchange for an $8 monthly fee. Since she joined the platform, her fan base has grown exponentially and today she is one of Fansly’s most popular and beloved vtuber stars. As of 2023, Saruei has amassed a total of 89.8k followers and 55.7k likes on the platform, which has further solidified her position as one of the top vtuber stars on Fansly.

In addition to her Fansly account, Saruei is also active on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. On these platforms, she regularly posts updates about her daily life, streams her vtuber performances, and engages with her fans. Her YouTube channel, for instance, has accumulated over 200k subscribers and millions of views, which further demonstrates her popularity in the vtuber community.

Given her meteoric rise on Fansly and other social media platforms, Saruei is quickly becoming one of the most influential vtuber stars. Her fans are eagerly awaiting the exclusive content that she will be sharing on Fansly and look forward to continuing to support her on her journey.

Saruei on Twitch

Her love for art and gaming led to her being an excellent Twitch streamer, but it was the sexy characters that would soon make Saruei famous. She joined Twitter in March 2016 where she began posting drawings of varying media from video games or anime which quickly became a favorite among fans looking at their favorite vtubers getting drawn into something more enticing than just clothes.

Saruei Instagram

Saruei’s Instagram account has more than 39k followers as of December 2022 and she has made many graphic content posts on the profile. She makes money from her live videos and ads monetization on different platforms. Her art is often combined with video games, making it the perfect match for her.

Saruei Twitter

Saruei Twitter ID is @Saruei_ and has more than 324 thousand followers as of 2023.

Saruei YouTube

Saruei has more than 197k subscribers as of 2023. Saruei tends to post once or twice a month short videos and also videos with around 10 minutes duration, and most of the content is parts of her stream.

Saruei Net Worth

The vtuber Saruei’s net worth is estimated to be $250K as of 2023.

She is making good revenue monthly from live streams on Twitch. Now, a vtuber is joining Fansly to communicate and connect with the fans.

Fansly is a platform where fans can talk and share with their favorite stars and celebs.

Saruei Controversies

Streaming artist Saruei has recently been subject to a three-day suspension from Twitch in 2019 due to an alleged violation of their Terms of Service concerning sexual content. This incident has sparked much debate, with many viewers accusing Twitch of hypocrisy.

The recent uproar over Saruei’s punishment has sparked a heated debate regarding Twitch’s fairness when it comes to banning its users. Streamers have expressed their frustration at the inconsistency and subjectivity of the platform’s enforcement of rules, feeling that they are left in a vulnerable position when it comes to abiding by them.

This has led to a growing number of people challenging the objectivity and trustworthiness of Twitch’s policies. For many, the incident has highlighted the need for an impartial, clear and consistent method for dealing with violations of the platform’s terms of service.

This would ensure that all users are treated fairly, without favour or prejudice, and that any punishments meted out are appropriate and in keeping with the severity of the offense.

The controversy has also raised questions about the effectiveness of Twitch’s customer support services. Several streamers have complained about the lack of guidance and assistance provided by the platform when it comes to navigating the rules and regulations, as well as the amount of time it takes for their inquiries to be addressed.

This has fuelled calls for better communication and customer service from the platform, and a more streamlined process for dealing with disputes and violations. Ultimately, the incident has made it clear that Twitch needs to take a closer look at its enforcement policies and customer service in order to ensure that its users are treated fairly and with respect.

By creating a more transparent and consistent approach to dealing with rule violations, and ensuring that customer support is responsive and helpful, Twitch can ensure that its streamers feel safe and supported when using the platform.

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