Home Entertainment Shakira is accused of conspiring to bankrupt Gerard Piqué. Understand!

Shakira is accused of conspiring to bankrupt Gerard Piqué. Understand!


Yet one more chapter of Shakira furthermore Gerard Pique’s controversial breaking up began to circulate living in the international press on Monday (06). After distributing a song fully connected indirectly, the singer would need to be preparing another reprisal: according to information through the Mexican website Terra, the pop pop idol would have devised the latest plan to take your partner’s ex-husband into bankruptcy.

Based on to the portal, Piqué is living a turbulent moment all the way through his company, Kosmos, a real sports marketing agency . The previous Barcelona player would turn out to be thinking about strategies to borrowing certain expenses of typically the company while watching for this possible lawsuit by those International Tennis Federation (IFT) within the rupture of often the 25-year contract. They closed a deal to stop the Davis Cup.

The Mexican portal claims that the discontinuation of the bond amidst IFT and Kosmos was concluded after Shakira and Piqué broke up, which raised a complete internal speculation whom the singer had a bit of connection to the split.


Concerning a prestigious name within the world, Shakira’s standing and especially the faith her brand has located in the business world provides helped Piqué land many people million-dollar contracts. Now, the celebrity is willing to depart 1 other way: the Popular music Mundial website stated why the musician has been calling men of affairs who have closed contracts with Kosmos through her own.

Mexico’s Terra highlights that Shakira’s plan in advance is to break Kosmos before moving to Will raise, where she will located with her children rapidly. The idea is usually to make the company delete as many contracts as plausible, which has happened to be buzzing in recent months. The particular site also claims the fact after the controversies that may Piqué has accumulated here in recent months, several ladies would end up betraying him.


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