It can be a shiny day or cosy night spending with friends, hanging around. One of the most famous game, Sip and Paint is taking up hike on Twitter and Reddit. The game usually begins with a group of people sitting around, passing a cup of alcohol. They sip, they paint, they enjoy. But what is just all fuss about the video that is been viral all over? Sip and Paint is the new video which is highly viral in the fans on social media. Who shared the view and what is in it. Read the full story.

So, basically, in the video, you can see a group of people sitting around a table. But after a while we can see a girl giving her head to a black stripper. Pretty weird right? People started laming this video as ‘Stroke and paint’. Concerning the content to pass over adult age only. So, what is exactly happening?

The youth in the video are trying to have fun in party, and some person recorded the video of a girl giving head to a black stripper. Then the video got viral and people started to make fun relating to it. The actual point of the game was to ‘sip and paint’. But looks like people are humorous to name it ‘Stroke and paint’.

The video is viral all over internet. Even though the age of the people in the video is not confirmed, people are searching for ‘Stroke and paint’ term all over internet. It is just an adult video. The term Sip-Stroke, etc are used in those rated videos only. In the term ‘Stroke and paint’, they have replaced the term pain with paint. That is what people are making concern about.

At the moment, there is a lot of trend all around internet showing people been interested in the video and likely spreading all around net like a wild fire. Even though the video is getting hate reaction, they are still people who are searching for it. We will not be sharing the content of the actual video as it is not a consent of genuinely appropriate and age restrictions. We hope you share your thoughts on the same.

This is all about the video which spreading like fire on the social media. Many users already reported this video. Hope such content will be taken down from public platforms and social media sites.


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