Nowadays social media has become a major part of everyone’s life. This social network also circulates many rumors on a daily basis. Most of these are harmless, but sometimes it’s not the case. Stephen Codella has experienced something similar, whose claimed to be dead by some anonymous sources online, has been a topic of concern among those who knew him personally.
Hence everyone is looking forward to find accurate details, since this news left everyone wondering whether he is alive or not. You can find more details about the case, below in this article.

Who Is Stephen Codella?

As per reports, A popular 31 year old doctor, Stephen Codella is admired by his
Followers for how he examines his patients that makes him different from others.
He created several websites where the patients who would like to see him, could book their appointments online. He had sorted all the diseases on these websites, which helped the patients to book an accurate appointment regarding their health issues.
But as his death rumors started to circulate on social networking sites, people are
Vacillating, since no confirmation has been delivered by his family.

Stephen Codella: Dead Or Alive?

According to the anonymous source, Stephen took his final breath on 27th of January 2022 due to some health problems, which turned out to be lethal and worsened his health to a point where he could no longer recover.
As time passed by, people started looking for the answers whether the reports are verifiable or not, or what was the cause for such reports. Netizens jumped to a conclusion the he could be alive as well and continued to look for more evidence regarding this case. Hence a final claim can simply not be made yet about whether the young man is alive or dead .
Because if Stephen is still alive, pronouncing him dead would be injustice and might cause potential harm to his image. As soon as a valid and a non-delusional statement is made. We will update the readers about the case. For more updates and information related to your favorite celebs stay updated and tuned with us.



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