It is interesting to find new talent around the world, right? We do not have limits that can bound this new amazing talent around us. Moana Jones Wong is one such talent that have shown case her amazing talent to us lately. She has been working hard to make us understand the extreme sweetness of hard work with the success she got.

Moana Jones Wong Age

Moana Jones age is 23 years and she was born on the North Shore of Oahu. Been living at the shores, she took catch of surfing and we can recognize her talent through her competitive spirit. She celebrates her birthday on May 16th. She is currently residing in Haleiwa. Education isn’t much far from her life, she is currently pursuing her degree in biology at the University of Hawai.

Moana Jones wong age

Moana Jones Wong in Olympics

She didn’t know before about her limits and struggled to take deep waves at the pipeline.

But as time passes by, we all realize what we really need. Jones worked hard and tried to push her limits to extreme core. She is now practicing further than her thoughts than ever.

Moana Jones took entry as a wild card in the 2022 Billabong Pro Pipeline competition. She had faith on her skills and look at the result. She won the gold by competing against 5 times world champion Carissa Moore. It was back in 2010, when a wild card won the competition. Jones won her first CT event and her second at Pipeline after winning the 2021 HIC Pipe Pro, a Qualifying Series event.

Moana Jones Wong Husband

We know very little about her relationship status. But she is in relation with Tehotu Wong.

They didn’t marry yet, and maybe not soon in the coming days. The couple were found sharing cute pictures of them on Instagram. Tehotu recently tagged Moana in a picture sharing the caption ‘Happy 1st Anniversary my love’. This clearly depicts that the couple were in relationship and have successfully completed 1 happy year together as a couple.

Moana Jones Wong Net Worth

Moana Jones Wong is a popular and skillful surfer in country. The 23-years old star won the medal in Olympics 2022. He set new records on field and surprised everyone from his performance. Moana Jones Wong is also getting new fans and followers on the Instagram post Olympics 2022. For more information about Surfer Moana Jones, stay tuned, we would love to share.


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