Thassapak Hsu was born on October 31, 1990, making him 27 years old. Hsu’s parents were happy when he was born. His parents supported every member of the family. Their strong ties to each other have been an inspiration to many. His siblings (brothers and sisters) details are unavailable at this time. Look Thassapak Hsu bio, age, height and family.

Thassapak Hsu Family

Parental role in family well-being plays a crucial role in every household. Their children are looked after and supported until they are capable of earning their own living. Several celebrities even have grandmothers who love them. It creates a happy family when the juniors are well instructed in culture and past times.

Thassapak Hsu Age

Thssapak Hsu, known as Bie, is an actress and singer. He is legally known as Xu Zhi Xian in Taiwan. As a 14-year-old he moved to Thailand, and at 18 made his debut as a singer. He is Taiwanese by birth. Her father is Taiwanese and her mother is Thai. “Club Friday the Series Season 5” marked his acting debut in 2014. His role in “Cinderella Chef” (2018) also earned him acclaim.

Thassapak Hsu Net Worth

Thossapak Hsu’s net worth ranges between $200 thousand and $2 million dollars In his long and distinguished acting career, Thassapak earned a greater fortune. His net worth increases every year as he gains skills and expertise in his field. The billionaire entrepreneur Thassapak has an empire worth millions of dollars, but he also has a mansion where he lives with his family with a lot of happiness and well-being. Furthermore, he owns a few expensive vehicles and motorcycles. He earns more money from various endorsements and merchandise besides his acting career. The precise amount of his net worth is not known at this time. The update will be made as soon as we have verified it from reliable sources.

What is the marital status of Thassapak Hsu?

Thassapak Hsu has not shared any details about his wife or marriage at this point. His divorce or affairs have not been reported. Thassapak Hsu deals with dating under the radar. This means he can’t reveal the name of his girlfriend. He doesn’t like to have the spotlight on his private life. Theassapak Hsu is not married. In the past, Thassapak Hsu was involved with one or more people. He does not have children.

The actor Instagram fan following is 3.3 million. Also he has net worth of more than 1 million dollars.


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