Maiya Cosentino

The TikTok star, Maiya Cosentino has recently become an Instagram sensation to fame. She became famous for her short form video creations that she posts on the app’s website and account which have increased in views tremendously over just last year alone! Her dancing personalities both comedic or raunchy are what makes people love following this cute model around social media but it doesn’t stop there. Maiya also regularly uploads high quality selfies with very creative filtered photos every single day of 2019 so far making sure not only does your feed stay fresh but you can keep up at all times.

Maiya Cosentino Age

Her birthday is January 18th 2008. She was born in the U.S., to American parents and has a mixed heritage as well with an ethnic background from both sides! Her birth sign is Capricorn, which makes sense since she’s been on YouTube for over 4 years now without stopping or slowing down at all times due to this one thing called love.

Maiya started out by making videos about her life when she first joined TikTok back in 2016 but quickly became known because of other people recognizing how talented they were beyond what most children their age would produce-even though many thought Kairi Cosentino (her brother) should have received more fame instead considering his large following.

Maiya Cosentino Career

By posting on Instagram typically revolving around lifestyle fashion or travel while gaining followers who are mainly millennial women because they can relate with how beautiful this YouTube star physically looks despite being only 17 years old . As a result of having such large fan base ,her primary career is now TikTok where audiences enjoy watching others try out new clothing items before buying them whereas endorsements come from brands like Nike.

More about Maiya Cosentino

Maiya Cosentino, a talented dancer and social media influencer with an inspiring style. She is confident in her own skin to wear whatever the brand wants while still putting together killer outfits that represent every woman out there who are trying their best at being themselves! Her vibrant personality can be seen through posts on different platforms including Instagram @maiyacosentinodance. Yellow has always been one of her favorite colors so it’s no surprise why she chose this particular hue for some special jewelry pieces too. Shw has more than just fun checking them all out if #teamfeldouh exists anywhere near where you live or roam these days. And let’s not forget how much good Maiaya does by simply.

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