Xiao Leung ?? All accounts deleted??

Xiao Leung a famous Social Media Influencer, she was active on almost all big platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TIKTOK etc. It was on January, 13th that she suddenly deleted all her accounts from all the social media platforms, what big enough could have happened overnight, big enough to force such a huge social media star to quit from all of social media. We are going to see what exactly happened to her. Look the Xiaoleung age, face reveal, height, net worth.

Xiao Leung disappears from all social media!!

All those people who follow TikTok, Instagram, Roblox etc., when you logged into your accounts today you may have noticed something big. Xiao Leung has disappeared. Totally vanished from these platforms, with no prior details or notice. All of her videos from Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, everything has just vanished.

Xiaoleung Face Reveal

Xiao Leung has done it all by herself. She herself deleted all her accounts from all social media platforms and is now almost like a phantom in this social media influenced world of which she was a big part.

Later She released an explanatory statement on her Discord, throwing some light on the dark issue. She said “Sorry everybody, here is the day I end being a content creator. It was amazing working with you all and being on this crazy adventure. I realize there are things in life I must take care of. I enjoyed making content for fans, I’ve had such an amazing journey with you all.”

She then said that lately she has not been feeling well, she felt all stressed. Then she released another statement which raises some more questions, saying :”It’s really scary how people can make things up out of nowhere, especially when it’s taking advantage of the fact that I was on holiday.”

She also said her parting words later and it goes like this:” Thank you all so much, I never thought I’d ever get this far. You all mean the world to me, it’s very sad to end it here but I have to take care of a lot of stuff with family. I hope you all understand”.

Here is a snap of her statements from her Discord.


All these statements raise same exact question, what actually happened. Among all the statements she released, she slipped in some reasons for leaving social media. She said that “she needed to take care of stuff with family”. But we all know that is not entirely true.

Xiaoleung Tiktok Personality

Actually, a few days back a rumor started that she used the N-word in one of her tweets. That made fans to agitate and they started a streak, which led to many of her fans “Cancel” and unsubscribe her, showing their anger. However, it was all a ruse, it was all a façade just ruin her image and bring her down.

Her fans have recently joined on Twitter to defend against her. Fans are now sad, that she was “Cancelled” on no true grounds and how they will miss her. We don’t know if she is going to come back or not but her fans are taking a stand for her and hoping for her to come back.

She also made her YouTube channel account.


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