Home News Tongmo Nida dead body pictures shared on Telegram, Twitter

Tongmo Nida dead body pictures shared on Telegram, Twitter

Tongmo Nida dead body pictures shared on Telegram, Twitter

The death of Tongmo Nida, a Thai actress who was found dead in January with her body being recovered from river has made headlines around the world. Her family and fans are devastated by this news as it’s hard for them to believe that she is gone forever but we hope they will find strength within themselves because there‚Äôs an opportunity for peace when someone leaves us to be at rest knowing our loved ones can go on living without pain or hardship. What is the cause of death of Tongmo Nida?

The social media platforms have been filled with tributes homage deservedly so; We extend Our Condolence To The Whole Family During This Difficult Time.

Tongmo Nida Thai Actress

When Tongmo Nida fell off her boat, she was with friends. Her body had been recovered after 38 hours and it is thought that the accident happened when something attracted their attention away from what should have been an enjoyable time on water together- possibly fishwives or other traffic near by? Tongmo Nida was the popular actress who had millions fans in Asia region. The death cause of Tongmo Nida raised many questions on the investigating team in country.

Tongmo Nida Dead photos

Kratik, her manager was also believed to be present on the boat. She was en route from Thon Burggi Bridge towards Nonthaburi province when it is reported that she disappeared without a trace. The owner of this watercraft? You may never believe what they’re saying about him.

The story begins back at their home where an older woman can been seen sitting alone inside with only candles lighting up each room.

The diver lost her life that night, despite the efforts of many to save it. The girl who fell into such an dangerous situation will never be forgotten by those in attendance at this tragedy or later on as one among many entertainment successes stories we tell ourselves before sleep each night.

Tongmo Nida Body found

There has been an outpouring of grief on social media for the death of this woman. We extend our deepest condolences to her family and relatives, who are surely in a state pause at such tragedy; however they need strength now more than ever before because it will be difficult getting through their loss.

The dead body has been found and the investigation will be based on the evidences found on the site.


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