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Toyota Europe Sells Nearly 1.2 Million Vehicles

Toyota Europe Sells Nearly 1.2 Million Vehicles

In the year 2023, Toyota Motor Europe achieved a milestone that reverberated across the continent. With a resounding roar, the company delivered a total of 1,173,419 new Toyota and Lexus vehicles, a feat that surpassed all previous records. This remarkable achievement marked a nine percent increase from the previous year, solidifying Toyota Motor Europe’s status as a leader in the automotive industry.

The roar of engines and the sleek, modern lines of the vehicles were a testament to the dedication and innovation of Toyota Motor Europe. The unmistakable figures spoke for themselves: 1,099,782 of the vehicles delivered bore the Toyota brand, representing a seven percent increase from the previous year. It was a visual symphony of progress and success, with approximately 94 percent of all cars delivered proudly wearing the famous Toyota badge.

Among the fleet of new vehicles that graced the roads of Europe, popular models such as the Yaris, Yaris Cross, Corolla, C-HR, Aygo X, and RAV4 stole the spotlight, collectively contributing to 76 percent of all registered Toyotas. The electric bZ4X also made its mark with 19,606 deliveries, a testament to Toyota’s commitment to sustainable mobility. In addition, over 140,000 commercial vehicles added to the juggernaut of Toyotas that found new homes in the bustling cities and serene countrysides of Europe.

As the roar of Toyotas echoed through the continent, Lexus made its own distinctive contribution to the chorus. While comparatively smaller in number, Lexus delivered 73,637 cars in Europe during 2023, representing a commendable 46 percent increase from the previous year. The Lexus NX experienced a remarkable 47 percent growth in deliveries, while the larger Lexus RX recorded a significant 44 percent increase. What’s more, one-third of all RXs delivered boasted a plug-in hybrid powertrain, a nod to Lexus’s commitment to embracing sustainable technology.

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In the grand theater of the automotive world, the year 2023 was a stage upon which Toyota Motor Europe and its affiliates firmly established themselves as leaders, embracing progress and innovation with every turn of the wheel. The symphony of nearly 1.2 million new vehicles delivered underscored a triumph of greatness, resonating with the echoes of success that reverberated throughout the continent. With each delivery, each new engine igniting, Toyota Motor Europe and Lexus proudly proclaimed their dedication to shaping the future of mobility, leaving behind a trail of achievements that would be remembered for years to come.


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