Home News Venus Morris Griffin husband Tripp Morris Arrested Augusta GA

Venus Morris Griffin husband Tripp Morris Arrested Augusta GA

Venus Morris Griffin husband Tripp Morris Arrested Augusta GA

When you think of someone who overcame adversity in their lives, do not imagine a person with weakness or hardship; instead envision an individual whose strength has triumphed over deep scars. This is what Griffin’s story entails. Venus Griffin is a strong businesswoman in Georgia and also a motivational speaker. She posted a series of messages on her Facebook profile telling about her ex-husband Tripp Morris and 45-years of prison in jail. What’s the full case?

Venus Morris Griffin has been into the news because of her ex-husband Tripp Morris. Who is he? And why he has been arrested by the police. Yes, you guess it right we are spelling out about the Tripp Morris. Venus Morris Griffin is the big name in the industry as a motivational speaker and real estate agent. Let’s just go through her life and let find the reason of prison of her ex-husband.

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Who is Tripp Morris?

Tripp Morris is the ex of the Venus Griffin. Griffin was just 23 years old she became involved in real estate. She is now a mother of seven and an internationally recognized speaker who has spoken at motivational conferences all over the world about how we can change our lives through positivity, hard work ethic & commitment.

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Venus Griffin Husband Tripp Morris

The new debate is starting on social media getting heat on different news platforms. Venus Griffin, a successful real estate agent from Georgia who has been closing over 1500 transactions for $400 million in sales volume since 2008.

Tripp Morris arrested

Tripp Morris has been arrested and sentenced to jail for total 45 years in prison. He got prison of 20 years in one and 25 years in another.

The news was first shared by his ex-wife on the Facebook page. Later it was confirmed from the court document on the official website of the the Georgia Department of corrections. The full version will be available soon.

Venus Morris Griffin Family and Instagram

The net worth of the Venus surely be in millions which is coming from the real-estate empire which is worth multi- million dollars. She is a lady of pride and a true business woman who was pretty much know that how to share her wisdom with the world.

The Venus Griffin net worth is estimated as the $100 million. She is a successful businesswoman in the country with many followers on Instagram. Also she shared the pictures of her kids and family on the Instagram.


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