Everything You Need to Know About beautie is a famous Twitch star whose fans adore her raunchy Minecraft videos. In just a few days she has amassed tens of lots of views and is steadily building an army of admirers who find her incredibly sympathetic. Although she has kept most of her life a secret she has revealed bits and pieces through her streams.

What is the age of Twitch Star Beautie_?

Beautie_ is a 16-year-old girl. In the year 2005 she was born. Her actual birth date has yet to be established. Her height and weight too have remained a mystery. Her height was reported to be between five and five and a half feet.

The Real Name of beautie Has Been Revealed that beautie_ alias beau hasn’t revealed her complete name yet. According to her Twitch channel her first name is Beau which we can confirm.

beautie_ Family

Scottland is where beautie_ was born. She lives with her parents and goes about her daily life as a typical adolescent.

She enjoys streaming videos of herself playing the game Minecraft in her spare time. To keep her viewers engaged she characterizes herself as playing with a loud and frantic tone.

Her oddball personality has drawn a lot of attention with her videos averaging 10000 views per.

Beau hasn’t stated whether or if she has a partner. Even admirers of legal eyes are unable to locate any suitable partners.

Living on the internet has its drawbacks one of which is the loss of privacy. We understand Beau’s desire to keep some aspects of her life secret.

beautie_ Tiktok

beautie_ is also a Tiktok content creator. She made number of clips on Tiktok platform. She has good number of followers on Instagram. She made a lot of new fans when switched to the Twitch platform. Her live stream gets many likes.

Twitch has proven to be a boon to content creators as it directs money from viewers to the creator when they stream. This prevents a third party from profiting from the simple relationship that exists between fans and their influencers. She has just uploaded two videos to this account but they have already received over 5000 views.

Beautie’s Net Worth Is Revealed

Beautie’s net worth is believed to be between $1 million and $3 million. The teenager’s main source of revenue is her Twitch App Streaming channel. She has a following of 77.2k people that watch her live streams regularly

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