Bella Poarch is a well-known social media influencer known for her TikTok lip-sync videos. Millie B’s most popular video on the platform is a lip-sync of her song “M to the B.” She has over 6.1 million Instagram followers and served in the US Navy for three years. Bella Poarch has recently been linked to American rapper Tyga. The 30-year-old rapper, who has dated Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna, just launched the only fans Instagram account.

Who is Bella Poarch on onlyf?

Following the release of his album ‘Onlyf,’ Tyga has been accused of posting some of his ‘explicit photographs’ on the internet. Regardless, it’s been said that the two actors have recently started an unexpected romance. After a recent leak and Bella Poarch’s visit at his home, fans assume Tyga and Bella Poarch spent the night together. Several Twitter users asked that the two celebrities provide ‘footage’ of their time together, while others demanded that their ‘relationship’ be confirmed.

Bella Poarch on Instagram

Because her comments were’mass-reported,’ Bella Poarch has been forbidden from publishing on the site for the time being. A new Twitter account, @tygaxbella, claimed to have the recording and offered to release it once he gained 1000 followers on the platform. The person even claimed that the video had been up for almost 12 hours before being taken down in ‘two minutes.’ He said he would try to re-upload the film and blamed everyone who had reported it.

Tygaxbella video

However, the video does not appear to have been posted, and others have threatened to mass-report his account if he does not reply. Regardless of what transpired between Tyga and Bella Poarch, despite the absence of proof, many have made snap judgments. And, as you can see, the Twitter user did not keep his word. Follow us for more updates on Tygaxbella leaked video on social media news.

Tygaxbella on only fans

Regardless of what transpired between Tyga and Bella Poarch. This doesn’t seem like a real event because there are so many holes in its history that we can only guess at how it happened or when exactly this took place. The duo was shared on the social media and it quickly went viral in the fans.

We will soon be updating you on the official comment coming from the couple. Currently, they haven’t claimed anything in spite of reporting the account that has leaked the anonymous video on Reddit and Twitter.


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