Shelly Haus of Ulta Beauty dies after struggling with cancer battle (confirmed)

Cancer battle is always huge and many people fail to survive it. Although medical system of this world has improved a lot but it has not gone to a level where you can feel that ok cancer is curable with ease. Shelley Haus, who was known as the CMO of the company Ulta Beauty had died from the cancer.

shelley haus

Many celebrities have succumbed to it and sometimes we have lost them at a really early age. This time we are here talking about Shelley Haus, a highly famous chief marketing officer of Ulta Beauty. She had fought a long and brave battle against cancer but has finally failed against it and died a very unfortunate death at this moment.

Shelley Haus Age

Shelley was actually a force that many brands in cosmetics industry adored because she made many brands become strong in national and international markets. She was the force behind many initiatives of cosmetics brands that went on to become highly successful with ease. She was a veteran for the industry and died too early due to cancer. Her age during the time of death was only 49 years.

Shelley Haus Professional Career

Shelley Haus was doing great jobs and creating revolution in the cosmetics industry. She has done a lot of great works and her void will be felt very heavily in the cosmetics industry now. She cannot be replaced at all as she was like once in a generation talent of this booming industry.

She had spent a lot of years in the cosmetics industry and had acted as senior VP in many brands. Her main target was focusing on the diversity for success of the brands. If you see her works with the brands you can the diversity very easily. She had vision that none had in this ever-booming industry. People are heart broken after losing this great lady to cancer as she was even a great human being in her personal life.

Shelley Haus Death Cause

Shelley Haus died from cancer as per the reports from sources. She was battling with cancer from last few years. Besides it, she continued to dedicate her hard work and time to the growth of the company.

The official members of Ulta Beauty had also confirmed the death of the Shelley Haus. She was a strong businesswoman in cosmetics industry.


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