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What is Antiwordle? Strategies and How to Play

What is Antiwordle? Strategies and How to Play

Have you ever attempted having amusing with Wordle in opposite? You possibly haven’t, and we don’t blame you if that sounds insane. However “insane” is a phenomenal word to explain Antiwordle, where you don’t need to discover a word. We’ve damaged down what this game is ready, who created it, tips on the right way to play, and a few methods and get you began.

What’s Antiwordle about?

A game inspired by means of the unique Wordle, Antiwordle is a spin-off that is going within the path of the objective of usual word-guessing video video video games. This one will problem you to keep away from the word of the day in the slightest degree prices. The increased your selection of guesses is at the finish of an afternoon, the higher. Antiwordle used to be created in 2022 by means of Joel Beer, who’s a internet based totally developer said for founding WillCodeForBeer and Toucan Inexperienced.

play Antiwordle

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Antiwordle is lovely easy to play; simply have in mind it on account of the opposite of Wordle. You wish to have to no longer wager the word of the day. Necessarily, you’re going to attempt and waste all your guesses on incorrect choices. You wish to have to get all grey squares for so long as doable, as this implies you’re cold and staying clear of the mystery word.

Getting red or yellow squares is damaging because of this implies you’re getting as regards to the word and feature to use the ones letters. That is onerous because of the use of the letters inside the best word way you may be closer to stumbling upon the answer. The remaining function is to wager as many occasions as you could while heading off the word. An Antiwordle game doesn’t finish till you get the essential factor word.

Antiwordle Perfect Methods & Guidelines

There are some strategies you could method an Antiwordle game. No manner could be very highest because of the mystery word is totally completely other each and every unmarried day. Listed below are a few of our recommended methods as a way to get the most productive score doable in Antiwordle:

  • Attempt to employ words with double or triple letters. It may well backfire usually, but it surely typically works.
  • At first, attempt and use bizarre letters like Q and Z.
  • Try to determine the word so you could take steps to wager the selection of that word.
  • Don’t get flustered by means of the yellow letters. You haven’t gained to move them to a undeniable spot, you could go away them in their position. However do use the yellow squares as a clue to the essential factor word.

You’ll need to have in mind the rarest letters for your beginning word. Additionally, you could need to reuse a letter as many occasions in one word as you could. This will likely backfire some days, however maximum days, it’s going to learn you. Listed below are some useful beginning words:

  • Aquae
  • Exeem
  • Feeze
  • Jeeze
  • Jocko
  • Kazoo
  • Keeve
  • Kooky
  • Mezze
  • Neeze
  • Tuque
  • Quaky

Wish to see further Wordle spin-offs? If that is so, attempt What’s Semantle? A tough-mode Wordle by-product on Professional Recreation Guides.


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