We are back with the new and latest news from the Tiktok community. There is a new trend going viral on the Tiktok platform which is the Ghostface cult challenge. The users are taking it up and making news videos on Tiktok. It is also being called as “Screm cult” on tiktok. What is it? What this cult is trending on Tiktok. The tiktok users using the ghost costumes and things for this trend. The Ghostface is setting up the new trends in the fans. Check this post how to be part of it on Tiktok.

What is Ghostface cult tiktok?

Ghostface cult is the new tiktok trend in which People use TikTok to bring together like-minded individuals and share their love for a specific person or thing.

This can have some dark side effects. When people participate in these types of groups on the app they will usually all change their profile picture at once so that everyone who posts has this iconic image as well.

This makes following each one easy because you’ll know what everybody else looks like without having met them before! Other features include liking other user’s videos within minutes after being watched which then attracts even more followers from those viewers’ networks – again increasing your large social media support base quickly online through just using one platform.

Scream Cult on Tiktok

Making the jump from casual Tiktok follower to full-fledged member is easy if you just change your profile picture and maybe even go by a different name. By this way you can participate into the scream cult challenge.

Finding a profile picture can be difficult, but don’t worry. Simply follow any accounts with someone who looks like they would have the correct photo and you will get plenty of follows back in return! You can also try the costumes to participate in this trend.

How to join this trend?

It is easy to join this viral trend. Just you need to change the profile picture to the ghostface and follow as as same profiles participating in the cult. Tiktok also added the some features and filters which users can try it. Tiktok added the filter of ghostface after it became trend in the fans.

Many fans considering it as the perfect theme for the Haloween. This cult is into the trends becaause of the “Scream” movie too. People are excited to participate in it.


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