The Tiger King series has taken a lot of trend after releasing its first season. Recently in the second season of Tiger King, there were a lot of revelation that came up. It got launched on one of our favorite OTT platform, Netflix. This season specially focused on documenting a famous personality named Don Lewis. Who went disappearing in 1997 and no signs were found ever since.

Don Lewis was married to Gladys Lewis and got divorced with her in 1990. He had three Donna Pettis, Lynda Sanchez, and Gale Rathbone who are currently well-settled with their families. As per some interviews, her daughters said that they lived lavishing lives in their childhood. Once such incident crosses mind when they were back to home from school and found a baby alligator in their swimming pool.

As per the documentary, people are still wondering about where Lewis disappeared. To solve this mystery, Tiger King released a whole season that documented various comments from family and authorities. The Federal reports revealed that Lewis had a bunch of properties in Costa Rica, and it is possible that he is still alive residing in the heart of United States. The homeland security passed a statement that, even though Lewis travelled a lot to Costa Rica (indulging with other affairs), but on August 1997, Lewis wife Carole filed a missing person report.

People went on shock as the latter lived a lavishing life and had no connection with any major issues. But during the documentary, his chauffeur, Alex Mora, gave a statement that stated that Lewis was worried about his presence in Costa Rica. He was scared from some business personnel and said he was in danger.

Don Lewis daughters are trending on social media. Who are the daughters of Tiger King Don Lewis. Donna Pettis is the name of her daughter but her current job and occupation is a mystery. She never appeared to media and interviews that’s why there is lack of information about Donna Pettis and her family.

Till now, there isn’t any clue of what Lewis is. If he is dead, then what was the cause? In 2020, Don Lewis family announced a bounty of $100,000 reward for anyone who comes along any information relating to Lewis disappearance. But sadly there isn’t any positive news yet. It is clear that launch of Tiger King 2 may open some new door on this case and bring an update soon.


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