Hey guys! Today we would like to tell you about an amazing personality who is these days internet sensation. Ari Nagel is a Maths professor of CUNY Kingsborough college, New York his current age is 44years. He is from Brooklyn and an American. He is well-known for his current highlights for donating free sperms. Read below for more information related to Ari Nagel wiki, Age, Career, Girlfriend and net worth.

Ari Nagel Wiki

Ari Nagel is married, his wife’s name is Roxanne. He fathered over 20 children for the past 18 years now he is raising 3 children with his wife. He says that his wife is aware of his sperm donation even though she wasn’t happy with his activities. He also shared his personal happenings at home that their husband-wife relationship has been on rocks for some years and we both slept separately in separate rooms for many years. Later, his wife, Roxanne claimed to be devasted by the reports on his husband that he donate his sperm to ladies who wish to have a baby without utilizing sperm banks but through intercourse or in a cup.

Ari Nagel Age

Name: Ari Nagel
Date of Birth: Not Known
Birthplace: Not Known
Age: Not Known
Popular For: Sperm Donor

Ari Nagel Career

Ari Nagel is a sperm donor, he is now the father of 22 children as he made 13 ladies pregnant. Nagel is known as The Sperminator, for his sperm donations. In addition, he said that if he had a chance he used to conceive the ladies with ‘the old-fashioned manner’ by having sex with the ladies who want to conceive babies. Now he distributes his sperms in a cup for his safety and other ladies too. He’ll be assisting the ladies for that month after learning various alternate ways to conceive. Recently, during a live program called ClarieBryne, Nagel revealed that he never charges any women to donate his sperm or for helping them to build their children, not only his own country, he also regularly visit other countries to meet the ladies and to assist them about conceiving process. He also visited many nations such as Barbados, Georgia, and Africa.

Ari Nagel Net Worth

Ari Nagel’s net worth is estimated to be approximately around USD 100,000 to USD 500,000. He passed a statement that he is compensated for his services by hugs and kisses rather than money which he believes that he owns lifetime gratitude towards his donations.


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