Home News Who is Billy Chemirmir? Suspected serial killer indicted for murdering 4 aged girls

Who is Billy Chemirmir? Suspected serial killer indicted for murdering 4 aged girls

Who is Billy Chemirmir? Suspected serial killer indicted for murdering 4 aged girls

Billy Chemirmir, 49, the alleged serial assassin charged with killing over a dozen senior citizens, has been charged with four prices of capital homicide.

A Texas grand jury has indicted him for the 2017 deaths of Marilyn Bixler, Diane Delahunty, Helen Lee, and Mamie Dell Miya.

His 3rd trial has taken position since Colin County accused him of killing five elderly ladies in November 2021 and Lu Harris in April of this 12 months. With a 12-1 verdict, the primary trial ended in a mistrial. Billy may well be charged with the homicide of a dozen additional ladies in Dallas County at the side of those 3 trials.

Billy Chemirmir

Billy Chemirmir purported to be a caregiver to maintain elderly ladies

Chemirmir, a former caregiver, moved to the USA from Kenya in 2003 inside the hunt for greater potentialities. Chemirmir is the twenty 8th of his father’s youngsters, a wealthy farmer. Ahead of starting his employment as a caretaker, Chemirmir equipped vehicles.

Chemirmir allegedly preyed on elderly ladies living by myself in independent settlements. Pretending to be a successfully being employee, he broke into their houses and murdered them through suffocating them, then stole their issues.

Chemirmir continues to care for his innocence and blames his terrible cases on being within the mistaken position at the mistaken time.

4 sufferers families respond to the fees

Because of the seriousness of the case, COVID ideas have been at ease and circle of relatives of the sufferers have been accepted access to the court docket. Following his indictment, the four sufferers’ families expressed the following sentiments:

“Maintaining Billy Chemirmir in command of the whole scope of his horrible movements is now made imaginable through those indictments. We recognize the police and prosecutors’ willingness to listen to us out and their ongoing efforts to be sure that all sufferers and the individuals who care about them obtain justice.”

All through the trial Greg Willis the district approved professional for Collin County remarked

For the homicide of Lu Harris, Chemirmir has already been given a existence sentence without the opportunity of release. It’s unknown at this time if he has pleaded responsible or not to the fashion new accusations.

Texas zealously enforces a existence sentence without the opportunity of parole or the loss of existence penalty for capital homicide. The protection approved professional has concluded their case, even though the government are getting in a position a 2nd trial for Billy Chemirmir, the specifics of which haven’t on the other hand been disclosed.


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