Who is MKG rapper daughter? We are seeing the viral star Casie Colson Baker viral in USA after the awards show. Casie Colson Baker is an American personality who became famous for being the firstborn daughter of rap superstar MGK. Casie has appeared in multiple music videos with her father, and at one award show he gave her a special shout-out. She is 12-years old and makes red carpet appearance with father in the AMAs show. Machine Gun Kelly’s real name is Richard Colson Baker. Know more of the star MKG daughter age, bio, mother name and net worth.

Who is Casie Colson Baker?

Casie Colson Baker is a young girl who was born in America on July 23rd 2009. She has Leo as her zodiac sign and the nationality of American citizen at only 12 years old. The young Casie is talk of the social media as she appeared in public first time.

As the daughter of two high-profile parents, sheโ€™s grown up in an environment where everyone knew who her father was.

Her mother Emma Cannon had come from humble beginnings so she could never deny being grateful towards what hard work had done but even with all these circumstances stacked against them there were still some things money couldn’t buy: love or happiness anyway because after losing everything else they lost too many friends along this journey.

MKG daughter Casie Colson Baker

When it comes to the relationship status of Emma and MGK, there are some things we’ll never know. For all we do know is that they’ve been connected for quite some time now with not much information given as far as when or how this whole thing began between them. We also think she lives by herself but sometimes sees her dad during family gatherings; however you can’t really tell anything about their dynamic just looking around online.

Casie Colson Baker Mom

Emma Cannon is the mother of Casie Colson. She is a popular celebrity kid with over million followers on Instagram and an appearance in Eminem’s diss track “KILLSHOT”. In fact, she was one of the kids mentioned by name during his song. Her father MGK has released several albums since reuniting as well- from Hotel Diablo to “#MGKNOWSCOLLA,” which features her voice prominently throughout its duration.

This time Casie Colson Baker is a social media star who is making her own space on Instagram and entertainment industry.

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