One of the famous cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Daniel Aronov, is an emerging Tik Tok star. But news getting trending, that the doctor gets banned from doing cosmetic surgery. He got spotted with his wife Candice in one of the café. So let us find out who is Daniel Aronov. What is the age , net worth of the cosmetic surgeon?

Who is Dr. Daniel Aronov?

Talking about the Doctor Daniel Aronov is a renowned Cosmetic surgeon and is the senior associate of the controversial clinic. Dr. Daniel has been very famous on Tik Tok and has around 13 million followers over the Tik Tok with a name @dr.danielaronov.

He posted videos related to the skits, dances, medicine educational content and some of the videos that show surgery procedures. But it has been circulating that Dr. Daniel is being banned of doing and performing all kinds of cosmetic surgeries.

In his videos, he also warned about the dangers of surgeries especially about the popular Brazilian Butt Lift. This is the ordered given by Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) to remove all his social media posts. His social media account has been removed 2 week ago. He is approved to do practice as a primary care physician. He has ordered to remove all the cosmetic related content and videos.

Is he a doctor?

Now the question arises why he has been banned to do cosmetic surgery? Dr. Daniel come into trouble when one of the Australian patients opens up with famous show A Current Affair that she ended with the pain and lump in her chain when she follows the procedures of facelift, which Dr. Daniel has shared through his videos. Aronov earlier worked in Lanzer’s clinics. Dr. Daniel surgery procedures left patients requiring further medical treatment. This is one of the main reasons he is banned from doing further medical surgeries. Another one of the patient from Sydney rushed to the hospital just after he did tummy tuck surgery through Aronov video.

This is something with sake of life of patients. Patients should not undergo and treatment and big thing like surgery by themselves. This can put their lives in danger.

Dr Daniel Aronov Net Worth

Danel Aronov is a trending Tiktok star and viral doctor on the social medial. If we look on his worth and assets, then it totally hidden from public. He is a professional doctor who gets strong support and good fan base on social media for his content videos.


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