Bailie Lauderdale is the present girlfriend of the football coach Ed Orgeron. Now, this is the hottest topic on the internet. Bailie is now 29 years old. She started being active in social media and started getting fame and forming fans in social media. Bailie is an entrepreneur and a fashion model. Bailie Lauderdale was born in 1984 in America. Her recent web sensation went viral when Ed posted both of their pics.

Bailie Lauderdale Age

Bailie Lauderdale is not very much famous over social media, the only reason for becoming girlfriend to Ed Orgeron she became famous in recent times, we can say that she became a well-known personality from an unknown personality. Now she earned popularity by being the girlfriend for Ed Orgeron. Recently when the relationship between Ed and her photos was leaked on social media she deleted her account from the internet source. So many people thought that she was a private person.

Ed Orgeron Girlfriend

Bailie Lauderdale till now didn’t reveal her personal details, but Ed Orgeron is the coach for the American football team. He was also a former player in football, now serving as head coach for football at Louisiana state university. We can find more in-depth details about Ed compared to his girlfriend. Ed had played football at the college level with a defensive side at Northwestern State University and Louisiana State University. At a very young age, he made his mark as an extraordinary football player. Ed never revealed about Bailie personally, so there are no details about Bailie. Ed is already a twice married person and now he is in a committed relationship with bailie Lauderdale.


Bailie Lauderdale started her career as a fashion model and a social entrepreneur, she is having very little fame when she was modeling and her entrepreneur performances. When the news leaked about her and coach Ed, she received much popularity from social media.

As of now, with leaked news, she and Ed confirm that they are in a relationship.

Bailie Lauderdale Net Worth

Bailie Lauderdale’s net worth is $1 million.

Despite Bailie Lauderdale not being very well-known on social media, she became famous recently when she began dating Ed Orgeron. She is catching media attention for her new relationship with Ed Orgeron. She’s only 29 years old and she has over 1 million followers on her social media account.

The world falls apart when you see how gorgeous this woman looks, but still manages to make it look effortless despite all odds.


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