Imagine your favourite musician stops his activity and vanishes in thin air? One such incident happened recently when Ezra Waters, a TikTok sensational musician vanished from almost all the social media accounts and didn’t provide any update on his going. It was observed recently that the actor isn’t available on TikTok anymore. He began his journey of socializing through Twitter and Instagram, but looks like even those aren’t available.

Ezra Waters Real Name

Ezra Waters, whose real names goes by Gregory Ezra Clark is a professional singer, producer and a social media personality. His origin is from Alabama and his education background states he studied political science and African studies at Amherst College. The origin and debut of the artist is not known but he has drawn a lot of fans recently with his singles and music. People loved his music and he had almost 700 listeners on Spotify monthly.

Ezra Waters Tiktok

As per sources, he first came up in public in the 2018 album Pax Manhattan. He specializes in soul, trap, and R&B. The artist himself has released three singles and put them on Spotify. He has been a great musician after all the fan following depicts his popularity.
But the weird fact is, recently the musician’s TikTok account consisting of almost 140,000 followers and overall 5 million likes has been disabled from the social media platform.

Ezra Waters Instagram

When user’s tried to look at his account on Twitter and Instagram (places where he posted regular updates of his professional life) didn’t have any information and were disabled too. No one know the exact reason behind the accounts of Ezra Waters been disabled. But more likely it will be sorted soon.

Ezra Waters Net Worth

Nothing to be worried about as the artist is still available on SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Spotify. Users have shared various comments regarding the same stating, “wheres ezras videos?”, “his music is on still tho.”, “whens ezra coming back?” Currently it is not known to us about his return back to social media or the reason behind his accounts been disabled, but we will surely update you all once we hear anything on the same.

The Ezra Waters net worth is $311K. Ezra rolled the debut songs in 2018 and became popular music artist on SoundCloud. He is also a musical star on Instagram with millions of followers. He is a successfull musician from Alabama of United States.

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