With his witty sense of humor, Farhan Ramananda is not only a TikTok star but an internet celebrity and pop culture staple. His videos are filled with synthesized music that matches the mood for each video perfectly – whether it’s silly or dramatic.

We are aware that the Facebook feed started flooding with memes about this guy because of the latest video and clip in the fans. Farhan Ramananda is a Tiktok user who gained fans quickly on Tiktok and Instagram for the latest content and photos. Here discover more facts of Tiktok personality and his past career.


Who is Farhan Ramananda?

Farhan Ramananda is a handsome Tiktok star and social media influencer from Indonesia. He instantly gained fans attention for making video with Ryan. Both are known for making fun content on Tiktok.

When it comes to their content, these two are a match made in social media heaven. Ryan and Farhan have created an online community just for themselves where they go by the nickname Upin Ipin of TikTok due to how alike they look. They look similar and interesting that’s why everyone discussing about the duo star on social media.

Farhan Ramananda Tiktok

Ryan and Farhan are viral stars on Tiktok. Both enjoys massive fan following. But, it seems Farhan’s girlfriend has yet to feature on TikTok videos and her presence could be felt in fan accounts that follow them such as Ramananda with 2M followers. Fans love the duo collab videos and new content.

Songs and videos

The Tiktok star also appeared in the video song. He runs his own YouTube channel which has over 10.4K subscribers at the time of writing. He is a young artist who channel is growing fast in Indonesia.

Also he uploads new songs tracks and clips on Tiktok profile. We don’t know his exact birth year but from the pics he looks under 25 years age.

Farhan Ramananda Girlfriend

Farhan is a big young artist star on Instagram. He has 171K followers on Insta profile. Few days ago, it was rumored that young influencer shared the photos of her girlfriend with fans his Instagram profile.

Farhan Ramananda
Furhan Rama


Farhan Ramananda’s net worth is $307K. He makes from official paid sponsors and promotions of brands.

Farhan Ramananda is one of the most popular TikTok stars in India. His videos are shared on social media platforms, including Twitter where he has recently uploaded a picture with his girlfriend.


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