Gaining popularity at a very early age is not an easy nut to crack. It takes a lot of effort and talent to get popularity at a very young age. Today, we will talk about such a growing esport gamer, FlapTzy, whose popularity is growing day by day. FlapTzy is Filipino esports gamer. He is just 17 years old. He belongs to the group of “Bren Esports”. We all would get shocked to know that he had done a lot of strong efforts to maintain this position. According to a source, there was a fact that, FlapTzy had played for around 16 hours to maintain this high level. Know the FlapTzy age, girlfriend and net worth.

FlapTzy Age

Full Name: FlapTzy
Birth Date: 2014
Birth Place: Philippines
Age:17 years old
Nick Name: NA
Nationality: Filipino
Popular For: Esports gaming
Profession: Gamer

FlapTzy Esports Player

Various Esport gamers came to a shock when they heard about the positioning of FlapTzy on number 1 part in the Philippines. In one more competition, he achieved the position of 4 that is really appreciable. Digging on over his personal life, he was born on January 24, 2004. However, FlapTzy is somewhat personal but on over his social media account (Twitter), when his mom wished him on this date, we have just guessed that this young boomer is probably born on this date. His all official accounts declare that he is just 17 years old. We all would get shocked when we will hear that in August, 2020, FlapTzy entered the expert group. When he entered the expert group, he was just 16 years old. Ohmyv33nus is also a competitive player from Philippines.

FlapTzy Height

Talking about his physical information, FlapTzy is having height of around 5 feet, 4 inches. His nationaly is of Philippines. By profession he is a popular Twitch star.

FlapTzy Socia Profiles

Instagram: @bren_flaptzy
Twitter: @DavidCanon16
Youtube: @FlapTzyGaming

FlapTzy Career

Hence, we can probably clear out that FlapTzy would absolutely rock in the gaming industry (in upcoming months). He is having a keen interest on over esports. He believes that this a very booming career for all those young generation who are having a keen interest on over this. His instagram account is having lot of fan following. There are many supporters of him on over his Twitter handle. He always tries to inspire people through his innovative way of thinking

FlapTzy Income

No official statements yet made on the official income and salary of the Esports competitive player. They perhaps earns mainly from the game wins and tournaments rankings. The report community.


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