Home News Who is football player Gabriel dos Santos? Age, Height, Net Worth

Who is football player Gabriel dos Santos? Age, Height, Net Worth

Who is football player Gabriel dos Santos? Age, Height, Net Worth

Gabriel dos Santos Magalhaes is a 25 years old Brazilian professional footballer. He is usually known with the name Gabriel. He plays for Premier League club Arsenal as center back player. Right now he is eye catching news among the public. CCTV footage is being released in which the footballer is attacked by robbers. Robbers attacked the player and his friend when they were returning back from the night out and they were parking their car. Robbers attacked the two with baseball bat in hands. The incident took place in August but metropolitan Police released the video recently after investigation.

Latest Incident of robbery

The incident took place near the Gabriel home in North London, where robbers try to snatch and steal the car of the player. The attacker is been identified as Adberaham Muse and been sentenced to jail last month for five years. He is charges with one count of robbery and other for carrying harmful and offensive weapon. Along with the car key the robbers are seeing to take watch and mobile phone of the two. The star handover the watch and car keys after the attacker mover forward forcefully at the star with a baseball bat. But the star bravely fights with the robber. Gabriel got hold Muse face and grabbed him before he escape from the location. The face of the second robber cannot be seen in the video. Both the robbers were successful in escaping without stealing any of the things.

During the fight between the Gabriel and Muse, Muse hats came off at the robbery point. The Hat then becomes the important source in arresting the Muse. The DNA over the hat helps in getting Muse to the police officers. But other accomplice of the Muse is still out of reach. Police is still searching for him.

No damage is done so far. After the incident, Gabriel gets many bravery comments from the side of the club and the club ensures further safety of the player. Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta praised about the bravery of the 23 years old player in the press conference, held on this Wednesday.

Gabriel dos Santos Net Worth

The Gabriel dos Santos Magalhaes net worth is into the dollar millions. He is a Brazilian football player who many fans all around the world. He made his fortune from the football club contracts and salary. The professional player also involved in brand endorsements.


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