Hooligan Hefs is a famous Australian musician. He usually sings hip-hop songs and is also a famous rapper. He follows the genres in his music such as hip hop, drill, grime, dubstep, EDM, hardstyle, techno, etc. Hooligan Hefs also writes songs, many of his scripted songs went viral and acquired much popularity.

Who is Hooligan Hefs?

Hooligan Hefs every song goes viral and famous. He always uses production and vocal instruments. His famous labels are independent songs titled “Hooligan Hefs” and Warner Music Australia. He is also associated as an actor with Hooligan Skinny. Some of his famous extended plays are “living in sin”; this play was released on 21st August 2020 with streaming as well as digital download format. Some of his famous single songs are the party, no effect, IYKYK (they know who), who’s real, paper route, off guard, send it!, party with the gang, take off, hood star, don’t cross the line, and FAME. As a featured artist his songs became famous. Some of them are a riot, lifestyle, ten toes, party effects, magic, etc.

hooligan hefs

Hooligan Hefs Age

Hooligan Hefs was born on 31st July 1997 and brought by his parents in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Hooligan Hefs’s real name is Simeona Silapa, by the profession he was called by the name Hooligan Hefs.

Hooligan Hefs Career

Hooligan Hefs started his career as a background musician in the year 2017 and slowly he became famous with his song writings and rap songs. He has also been nominated for the award “song of the year” in 2021 on his song “send it!” It is the annual ceremony of ARIA music awards which was presented by the “Australian Recording Industry Association” he got nominated for his innovation, achievement, and excellence in his song among all the music genres in Australia.

Hooligan Hefs never revealed his details on social media.

Net worth/Income

Hooligan Hefs’ net worth is estimated as $22 thousand and by 2022 his net worth is expected to increase twice because now he is the nominated musician for song of the year awards. Stay in touch to get more information about Hooligan Hefs.

Recently Hooligan Hefs caught into the media spotlight for latest concerts and live shows. He went on tour which sold many tickets to fans in Australia. He is a rising artist in Australia with growing fan base worldwide. His songs crossed over millions views on Spotify and YouTube. He is having 229K followers on Instagram.


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