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At just 17 years old, Isabell McGuire (known as isabellmcguire0 on TikTok) is quickly becoming an online sensation. Her TikTok account is gaining millions of views as she shares her journey to becoming an electrician, a profession historically dominated by men. Despite the sexist comments and criticism she encounters, Isabell continues to pursue her dreams and break down stereotypes with her inspiring videos.

In an exclusive interview with Insider, Isabell revealed that she never expected her electrician content to become so popular. But despite the challenges she faces, she is determined to share her “open and honest” experience being a female electrician and to encourage other women to join the industry.

isabellmcguire0: Breaking stereotypes on social media

It’s no secret that the electrician profession is a male-dominated industry. But one 17-year-old is challenging these stereotypes and inspiring others to join the industry. Isabell McGuire from Manchester, England has quickly become a TikTok sensation by sharing her journey to becoming an electrician.

McGuire told Insider that she’s been posting on TikTok for years and never expected her electrician content to become so popular. But the attention has come with its own challenges, as she’s had to deal with sexist comments and a lack of support from some of those within the industry.

Future of isabellmcguire0

Despite the challenges, McGuire is determined to continue posting to encourage other women to join the electrician industry. She said that she wants to be as open and honest as possible to show what it’s really like to be a woman in the industry.

McGuire is an inspiration to many, and her videos prove that anyone with hard work and dedication can pursue their dreams, regardless of gender. She hopes her story will help women in the industry feel supported and accepted in a field that is often male-dominated.

McGuire’s story is an inspiring one, and it’s clear that she’s passionate about inspiring other women to join the electrician profession. Her commitment to her craft and her mission to help others is a testament to her strength and resilience. It’s inspiring to see a young woman making waves in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

McGuire is taking a bold step in her journey to become an electrician. She is the only girl in her class, and her dad’s inspiration was the push she needed to face the sexism she has faced both on and offline.

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McGuire has always had a passion for helping others. She told Insider that her motivation for becoming an electrician is to help those who are uncomfortable with having a man in their home, whether due to religious reasons or personal preference.

Despite being the only girl in her class, McGuire has held her own. She has earned high grades in her classes, a fact that has sometimes elicited shock and jealousy from her classmates. But she isn’t letting that get her down.

McGuire is an inspiration for anyone who wants to pursue a career in a traditionally male-dominated field. She is demonstrating that gender doesn’t make a difference in anyone’s ability to succeed in their chosen profession. Her story is a reminder that we should all have the courage to pursue our dreams, no matter what obstacles stand in our way.

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isabellmcguire0 TikTok electrician is going viral

McGuire is the definition of gorgeous; she’s beautiful and talented and she’s not afraid to show it. She appears to be in the middle of a large project, but she still looks like she just stepped out of a salon. In her videos, she rocks work boots, dusty pants, and a belt and still manages to look stunning. She even goes so far as to say that she’s not wearing any makeup and her hair is a week old from the hairdresser.

It’s no surprise that the videos have gone viral, amassing over 9.8 million views on her first video and quickly nearing 1 million on her second. McGuire has become an overnight celebrity and her adoring fans can’t help but try to flirt with her, hoping to see if there’s a spark between them.

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McGuire has become an inspiration to many, showing everyone that you can be beautiful and successful all at the same time. She’s a reminder that you don’t have to sacrifice your looks to be a hard-working professional.

It looks like McGuire’s success is not only bringing her fame but marriage proposals too! We’re sure she’s received an overwhelming amount of marriage proposals in no time.

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