A marriage is the heavenly memory of life that we live while been alive, right? Ivy Getty got married to Tobias Engel, a professional photographer, in San Francisco recently. She had worn a dress made of glass and designed by none other than John Galliano. The wedding was grand, and it is clearly visible with the starting statement of this article. Looks like the trend changes with people’s interest and tribute to their loved ones.

Ivy is the great granddaughter of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty who has made fame all around the country. Her wedding took place at a grand endure level. They stated that Anya Taylor Joy a cast of the “Queens Gambit” was the maid of honor. The ceremony was officiated by Nancy Pelosi, the house keeper. And apparently the ring bearer was her rescue dog. Isn’t this wedding amazing and unique? But what if I say you that this isn’t it. Ivy had worn a dress made up of glass, this was the highlight of the wedding.

The billionaire’s heiress Ivy Getty worn a dress made up of glass and designed by great Galliano. She chose Galliano as her grandmother use to only wear clothing designed by him. The wedding veil was embroidered with walnut on the memory of her grandmother Ann. Her grandmother grew up in a walnut farm, which depicts her life way back in history. The wedding included guitars, this was on the memory of Ivy’s late father, John Gilbert, who passed away last year. He was a musician apparently.

“Ivy explained to the glossy, “My grandmother always wore John Galliano’s designs.” She took me shopping at his store in Paris when I got married. The dress she picked out for herself was that same pink sheer number with lace overlay – except hers had gold accents instead of silver ones.”

Looks like Ivy had loved her family and this could be visible in all the sections of the marriage.

John Paul Getty, 26 year-old Anna’s life has been surrounded by wealth. She grew up in an environment where she was taught how fortunate she really is thanks to her family oil business
She knows all too well what it means when people say ‘you never know your chances.

The net worth of Ivy Getty is $1.1 million dollar. Ivy is an Instagram star and also got millions of supporters. Her wedding pictures are viral in the fans.


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