Young Dolph, the late American rapper was shot and killed at his studio. It is said that he has been murdered by Jojo Splatt who had many hit albums under their belt when Young Dolph was still alive-and not to mention how successful they are now!

The recent murder case involving rap artiste ‘Young’ did not go unnoticed in this day where so called “key players” have come forth with information about possible suspects including one named after an equally famous pop culture offspring. The name of the suspect is revealed in the public.

Who is Jojo Splatt?

Jojo Splatt is also a rapper and music artist whose name is emerging in the murder case of the Young Dolph. He was the famous rap artist who released popular hits which ranked top on charts. Though the popular rapper lost his life at just 36 years old, police officers are still working hard to find out who killed him.

The internet is all abuzz over the newest DJ, Jojo Splatt. He has been getting rave reviews for his recent set at Top Billing in Cape Town and people are eagerly awaiting more of what he offers.

He’s already gathered quite a following on social media.

Who killed Young Dolph?

The media has begun to accuse jojo Splatt of the murder. He came under scrutiny after going live on Instagram with Pre Chains, where people formulated all sorts theories about them being criminals- until now. The different theories are now circulating on Twitter and other social media which poiting towards his involvement in the murder case.

The community has been up in arms after hearing the news of Dolph’s murder. Many are demanding justice, but it is unclear whether or not they will get any answers soon enough since an official notice from police hasn’t even gone live yet.

Jojo Splatt Net Worth

The Jojo Splatt net worth is estimated as dollar 350K. He is a also rap artist and musician. He made his fortune and income from releasing songs and composing music.

The Memphis Police Department has released an update about the murder of American rapper Young Dolph with new information that points to 2 people in a car. They are currently suspects for shooting him dead after they approached him at gunpoint outside his home last month.

Jojo Splatt’s music career is very less known in public. He was seen collaborating with other rappers.

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