A guy named Kuachua Brillion Xiong has recently made headlines when he gets arrested by US police. They discovered a firearm and a list of people he wanted to kill. It included American President Joe Biden, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Barak Obama, and many more. The reason behind it is that he believes these people are the diseases of this country that needs to be killed.

This post will talk about various information that our team has gathered about his biography, age, etc. Let’s check out the post and understand who this guy is.

Who is Kuachua Brillion?

His real name is Quchua Berlian Jeong, and he lives in the city of Merced, California. Brillion was arrested on 29th December 2021 when the police got a list with the name of famous celebrities he wanted to kill. While there is information that Jeong wanted to kill all these people, the exact reason behind his intentions isn’t clear.

According to multiple resources, his exact age is nearly 25 years, born in 1996. In the past few days, Brillion has become the talk of the town due to his plan to kill the President. Xiong has been reported to work in a grocery store. There is very little information about the address as very few people have seen his face.

Kuachua Brillion Family & Nationality

If we talk about Kuachua Brillion’s family, there is no information available on the internet. Not even a single person has come forward as a relative or family member of this guy after his arrest. Furthermore, no one has mentioned Brillion’s height, weight, and ethnicity at all. However, it is pretty assured that he is American by nationality. We will update information about his family as soon as our team got it.

Kuachua Brillion Net Worth

There is no update about the net worth & earnings of Kuachua Brillion. We will mention this information after receiving it from our sources.

The exact mission of Kuachua Brillion Xiong is yet to be revealed. We believe the police will investigate the matter and reveal his intention to the public soon.

Kuachua Brillion has been arrested by the police for the investigation in the case. The details and personal life bio is yet to be released by the officials.

There is no authenticated details of the net worth and salary of the Kuachua Brillion Xiong. The police officials are doing their job in the case and will reveal more of it.


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