Its a great deal having someone with you in your tough times, right? Kyle Beach is an Ice Hockey player currently serving the Germany team with this expectional great game skills. He have been placing this sport since past decade and is considered one of the important asset to the country’s sports team.

Bianca Guglielmotti Age

Bianca Guglielmotti is Kyle Beach’s girlfriend. Kyle have announced it officially in past and has recently posted a beautiful picture of the couple standing in the Ice Hockey stadium looking at the aile. They are in this relationship since past 4 to 5 years and holding up strong for life belonging each otBeach

Kyle Beach Bianca Guglielmotti

Kyle recently posted a photo of the couple on Instagram with a quotation, “It’s been a tough year, covid, lock downs, and quarantines… together we have grown and thrived!” It is truely astonishing that the couple stood strong during difficult times. During this lock down period, a lot of sportsmen have faced mental pressure and lost strength to put up in front of their loved ones and fans. In this case, Bianca has been their pillar to stand still and fight against all the difficulties.

Is Kyle Beach gay?

Bianca Guglielmotti is a nurse serving her medical services in Germany. The couple started dating after Beach shifted to Germany to play Ice Hockey. Their relation is strong and transparent that’s why even after 4 years of relationship they still held up each other proudly. Beach boasts about Bianca on his social media account such as Instagram and portrays the strength of their relation time to time.

The couple apparently spend time both in Germany and Canada from time to time. Bianca has taken up a lot of patience putting up with Beach. As a sportsmen, most of them time goes in training, and support from a loved one works as the fuel on the field.

The controversy

Recently, Beach has allegedly accused his ex-coach Brad Alrich against sexual assault charges. Fans and people are shocked. According the Beach, the incident took back in 2010 and no-one of the team players or management took any valid action against this. At this point, Beach has Bianca with him taking over all the pressure and letting him fight against this incident promptly.

The Kyle Beach net worth is huge as he is a professional and successful player in USA. He earns from contracts and game wins.


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