Are you a die-hard fan of the famous YouTube character MiniBloxia that has received tons of endorsement on the internet? He launched his channel in June 2021 and attained over 103,000 subscribers within four months of release. This YouTube personality is very popular on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. We will talk about the MiniBloxia net worth, age, character, biography, and many more!

MiniBloxia Age & Real Name

There are endless rumors about the age and real name of MiniBloxia, but none of them are true in any manner. It is speculated that his age is between 20 & 25 years old as he believes in keeping everything hidden. On the other hand, the fans have tons of eagerness to know about the real name of this YouTube personality. He has teased about his face, age, and real name reveal a lot of times, but it hasn’t happened yet. We believe he might hear his fans’ appeal and release his real face to the audience as they love this character a lot.

MiniBloxia YouTube channel

He mainly posts videos about the Minecraft games on his YouTube channel that has become quite famous among the fans. The channel has very quickly got more than 100,000 subscribers that are quite great for sure. This YouTube character teased about revealing his face on 3rd October 2021, but it hasn’t happened unfortunately yet.

MiniBloxia Net Worth

As of 2021, it is widely believed MiniBloxia net worth is anywhere between US$ 5,000 and US$ 10,000 depending on various factors on the internet. Almost all the money he has got came from YouTube that will surely increase in the next years. Additionally, he has got many endorsement deals that have helped in boosting net worth for sure.


MiniBloxia is a very interesting character that entertains viewers with his superb skills. The fans are quite anxious to know about him, but very limited information is available about him. Our team has tried to give as many details as possible to boost their knowledge well.

The Minibloxia face reveal is still a mystery. He had yet revealed his real identity and face to the fans. The youtuber uploads the useful and interactive videos on his channel daily. Fans demanding youtuber to reveal his real identity soon in the fans. If you are also a big fan of the Minibloxia then check the latest videos on the channel. He uploaded the new series for the fans on Roblox.


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