The news has been filled with the information relating to the relationship of Rohana Rozhan, the ex-CEO of Astro Group and Tim Leissner, a Goldman Sachs banker. The news been revealed has a lot many rumors relating to their relationship. It is one of the hot topic of town right now, and we are here to present you every inch of information that we have on them.

Rohana Rozhan Age

Rohana Rozhan became the CEO of the Astro Group in 2011. She served the company for almost 8 years and stepped down from the CEO position in 2019. She has completed her BA in Accountings and Economics from University of Kent. Her other achievements are daunting as well, she is the fellow Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and also member of Malaysian Institute of Accountants. Her advance education completed from Harvard Business School, where she pursued, Advanced Management Program.

Rohana Rozhan Life

The 55 years old Rohana Rozhan was accused of threatening and blackmailing Tim for his involvement in the 1MDB scam. Tim Leissner testified his statement about how she blackmailed him to buy her a mansion house of almost $10 million in London back in 2013.

Even after winning the Toastmasters’ Golden Gavel Award, people didn’t expect such a news coming out from nowhere. As per Tim, their decade long relationship from 2003 to 2013 was toxic by the end.

Rohana Rozhan Net Worth

In 2013, Rohana demanded Tim to buy her a house worth $10 million to hide his involvement in the 1MDB scam. She black mailed him so that she would not reveal his wrong doings and scam involvement of 1MDB. Nevertheless, it is still to be confirmed. We are not aware about the current net worth of Rohana. Currently, Tim and Rohana aren’t in touch for any matter whatsoever.

Rohana Rozhan Wife

Rohana is married and living a happy life with her family. She doesn’t have an official Wikipedia page even after serving as the CEO of the Astro Group from 2011.

When Tim won the Golden Gavel Award, people didn’t think that this news would come out of nowhere. As per him and his decade long relationship with 2003-2013 in toxic by end
The input was “Even after winning my third consecutive award for being voted best Speaker/ trainer at Toastmasters International’s World Congress Seminar”. Stay tuned for more information on the 1MDB scandal and Tim testimonies about Rohana. The more details will be shared soon.


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