During this lockdown period one new platform has been getting all the attentions and it is OnlyFans. On this platform here you can post and sell explicit photos of themselves. Competition on this platform is rising high, so earning here is not that easy. You really got to breakthrough it, to make a name there. But those who have managed to do so are really enjoying money shower right now and more coming in.

Who is Savannah Benavidez?

Savannah Benavidez, age 23, was working as medical biller. She wasn’t earning much here. She wasn’t even able to pay her bills let alone take care of her 2-year-old son. She really was in peril. She wasn’t able paying her bills and was under some loans. In June, 2020 she quit her job and started a OnlyFans account. Where she posted her explicit photos and soon gained popularity. She started making money making early in the run. Since July, 2020 when she started her account, since then she has earned around $64,000 dollars. She has not only earned enough to pay her bills and bail out of her loans but also to help her family and friends too. She herself quote” It’s more money than I have ever made in any job,” she said. “I have more money than I know what to do with.”. Even though Savannah Benavidez made it possible but there are many others who failed too, due to the high competitions.

Savannah Benavidez Age

Lexi Eisenberger, age 22, too was hoping to rise high soon but she did not. Lexi was in need of money by October. She had already been laid out 3 times during lockdown only, in addition to that she had to drop out of her Dental Hygiene School. So, on taking suggestion from her friends to make an OnlyFans account, she finally started out her account on OnlyFans in November,2020. She made some progress since then but not much as compared to big timers. Till now, she made round $500 dollars.

Savannah Benavidez Life and Career

Now about OnlyFans, it was founded in the year 2016, in Britain. During this Covid-lockdown OnyFans gained popularity. By December, 2020 it has already acquired more than 90 million users. Many unemployed Americans like Savannah Benavidez , Lexi Eisenberger and many others have turned to OnlyFans in attempt of making some livelihood.

Savannah Benavidez Onlyfans

But as on every other platform there are some “high-ballers” and then there are “low-ballers”, its same for OnlyFans. Sure, there are people like Savannah Benavidez who have really flourished and have gained huge popularity but there are many like Lexi Eisenberger, who hasn’t gained much and still are fighting their problems. They also have to worry about their pictures leaked, on top of low income. Those like Lexi Eisenberger have to worry about their future jobs after posting such explicit content, cause they are obviously not doing well on OnlyFans.


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