A woman from America name Sherri Papini has been arrested on Thursday. she is a 39 years old American woman who has been arrested for falsely claiming her Kidnapping . She claimed that she has been kidnapped for 22 days. She was arrested on 3rd of March 2022 for making false statements to federal law enforcement officer and involved in mail fraud. This article is all about Sherri Papini who is very much popular on Internet nowadays. go through up full article to read about this knew Internet sensation.

Sherri Papini Incident

This incidents took place four years back in Redding California. The 39 years old lady went disappeared on November 2 2016. she went out for a regular days. After, 22 days that is on 24th of November. she was found with both hands and legs tide up with a rope. Instead she was found with broken nose and shaved head. the law enforcement officers searched for her for about two weeks in California and nearby states. In police statement, sherry Told police that she had been kidnapped by two women at gunpoint. She also provide description of the two women to FBI sketch.

Sherri Papini Age

Putting some highlight an early life of Sherry, the lady was born in 1982 in Redding, California. She has completed her high school from Central Valley high school, California. Sherry Papani is a married woman. She married 2 David Dreyfus but the couple get separated in 2007. The couple shared two children together.

Sherri Papini Case Investigation

39 years old lady makes the false statement just to live with her former boyfriend. yes you heard it right, The woman was living with her current boyfriend 600 miles from her home in orange country, the southern California. when the investigation was done it was revealed that there is not any kidnapping and it’s a wrong case. The officers further saying the resources that were used in investigating this case were all get wasted. woman is now get arrested but her first court appearance date has not come yet. The woman is still lying for her kidnapping.

Is she still married?

Sherri Papini was last seen on November 2nd, 2016. She failed to pick up her kids from a daycare center and it’s remains unclear what happened after that until police found Sherris abandoned car with bruises.

He immediately called authorities but it turned out to be too late; Sherrin had already been taken by whoever applied those clips.


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