Xiaomanyc is one of the most popular YouTubers whose videos are very popular in both China and America. Although he is an American, this guy still speaks terrific Chinese and Mandarin. His fluency is harder to match, even for many locals. We will talk about Xiaomanyc net worth, age, real name, biography, and many more in this post.

Xiaomanyc Age and Real Name

The real name of Xiaomanyc is Arieh Smith who was born on 20th July 1990 in the United States. However, he visited China at the age of 18 and fell in love with this country. Smith adopted his current name after settling down in China. This YouTuber says his inspiration behind residing in this country is its ancient culture and tasty food that he didn’t get in the United States.


Xiaomanyc Channel Niche

This channel features videos about the different foods of the country. The main motive of this platform is to show what kind of lifestyle, food, and culture China has. Additionally, a few videos regarding the Chinese language course can be very useful for people having a hard time learning this language. It is quite entertaining to watch these videos and gain valuable knowledge about China.

Xiaomanyc Net Worth

As of 2021, the Xiaomanyc net worth is US$ 1.6 million that has mainly accumulated from YouTube earnings. He has an annual income of nearly US$ 700,000 from the channel that is huge for sure. Additionally, this YouTuber has another channel where he shares experiences about learning Chinese. He doesn’t reveal the exact income from this channel. Xiaomanyc also offers courses to people for learning Chinese for which he earns a good sort of money.

Xiaomanyc Wife

Xiaomanyc is a wonderful YouTube channel that has attained lots of popularity, especially for people looking to learn Chinese. Internet users get a chance to know about China’s amazing foods and cultures by exploring this channel. It doesn’t look the popularity will slow down in the near future as the channel is growing with each passing year. Many members of our team are strong admirer of this channel.

Xiaomanyc is a married YouTube personality. Her wife recently gave birth to a cute baby. Now the Xiaomanyc’s family is complete. He shared his wife and baby pictures on the Instagram profile. At the time of writing, the youtuber is having 159K followers on Instagram. Arieh Smith is very happy to share his happiness with fans and subscribers.


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