Glen Daniel, a presenter of Smooth FM Breakfast Show, passed away at the age of sixty-two. He was a famous journalist at Smooth FM. He has been an amazing person and has influenced the lives of thousands of people through his words and experience.

Who was Glen Daniel?

Glen Daniel has an experience of 30 and over years as a journalist and was one of the top best moderators. He was respected and loved by many, and the same followers gave him a tribute on Twitter. His journey as a reporter on Smooth in 95.3 started in the year 2013. He was also a co-host with the famous Bogart Treli more music breakfast program.

smoothfm 95.3 Tweeted and posted for Glen Daniel stating that he passed away peacefully while sleeping.

Glen Daniel FM Career

Glen Daniel was one of the famous hosts of Smooth FM Breakfast. He was the producer of ‘The Worst Day of Your Life’ which was the award-winning series. With producing he also developed an interest in podcasting and was successful in delivering the best thoughts and opinions.

Glen Daniel was able to help people with his experience and gave the best advice to his customers about financial management and tips to safeguard their assets. Not just this, he was a smart man and applied cross strategy with his customers but with selected individuals.

Wife and Family

Daniel was the three-time winner of the best news host of Australian Business Radio. He also won an Award of Excellence in Journalism in the year 2014. ‘News Age Radio Life’ is an autobiography of Daniel released in 2018 that inspired many people.

Glen was not just the best in hosting and producing, but also in taxation, inheritance, and planning. He also has experience of 20 and over years in the field of management. He was a father of two sons, Mark and James, they both were the apple of his eyes.

How did he die?

Glen passed away while undergoing cardiac surgery. According to the sources, he passed away on December 6, 2021. Nova Entertainment was the first one to share this news and later it was confirmed in the morning show of Smooth Radio.

He lived life to the fullest and was gave purpose to peoples’ lives by motivating them. The passing news of Glen is heartbroking for fans worldwide. He was great personality and known fiture of Smooth FM station network. May his soul rest in peace.


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