It has been high time that Covid should end for the well being of every human beings. It has already taken the life of many people, and not to forget some really huge and important figures of this era. It has been really hard to believe that at present this pandemic period has made our life look like a life in jail but unfortunately, that is true and highly required to save the life of every single person.

Kelly Ernby lost the battle to survive

It is necessary that we look at this pandemic with a very serious attitude as it has taken one more person’s life that has been a very important and highly respected figure of this era. Kelly Ernby, former Orange County GOP state Assembly candidate is the person we are talking about. The disappointment has been very real for every person in the USA as of now, irrespective of their political alignment, as she had risen well above this political game and had supported people in their works by her social works and ventures.

Sad time for fans, family and friends

It is being a real hard time for her followers along with her close circle of family and friends. It is not even needed to say that we are unable to collect a lot of information as it should be seen in a way that the privacy of her family and friends are respected in this tragic hour of their life where they have lost their very near and dear person to the unfortunate pandemic related to the dangerous Covid-19.

It has to be mentioned that this wave of Covid-19 is being fatal for many people of different countries and different age groups, and Kelly Ernby, the beautiful lady with a pure soul also could not escape the wrath of this highly dangerous pandemic.

It has been hard to digest that this woman politician who had high ambitions to lead more women into active politics has lost her life to the battle of Covid-19 while supporting many with her social works during this pandemic, sadly.

Kelly Ernby Net Worth

The Kelly Ernby net worth is dollar 505K. She is the well-known political personality in United States. Her demise is a shocking news for the USA public. The politicians mourned on her death and offered tribute to her. The family will share the funeral and other details soon.


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