Robert Mapps had the unfortunate luck of dying in an accident while he was interested in motor races. Robert Mapps had always been an avid motor racer, but he took his love one step too far when riding on the street. He was hit by another vehicle and suffered critical injuries that left him died on spot. Robert had a variety of interests, but one that really captured his imagination was the idea to get involved with Prayoonto Racing Team. He loved cars and speed from an early age so this seemed like something right up his alley. Look Roberts Mapps age, death cause, family and net worth.

Roberts Mapps Age

Robert Mapps is a street racer who made name in the drag racing by achieving different records and titles. He had an accident on the street of Florida that caused him to die at once, but his dream would not come true until much later when he joined Prayatooto Racing Team and became their famous member who won many races with them. He was married. The young guy was passionate of racing since childhood. He died in a accident in Florida.

Roberts Mapps Death Cause

The sources have not revealed how fast the bike was going when it crashed.

Our hearts are broken to say that one of our own has been taken from us.

Robert Mapps, he was known by many people in racing died suddenly last night at home with his loved ones surrounding him-a great man who will be missed tremendously but never forgotten. The family is broken after hearing death news of Robert Mapps. He never used to slow down his vehicles while riding on the street. But due an unfortunate motorcycle accident, he died at a young age.

Roberts Mapps accident in Florida

The motor racing world was shocked when Robert Mapps, a popular racer who had gotten into an accident on the street of Florida and died at his spot.

According to the sources, Robert Mapps was a married man but he never shared his wife’s identity with media.

The Robert Mapps’s net worth is $450K. He earned big awards and cash prizes in the racing tournaments. He was also popular racer whose videos hit million views on YouTube and Instagram.

The Twitter is flooded with messages of fans paying tribute to the racer. Everyone is sad from the sudden death of a talented racer.


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